Working out at the gym is so beneficial

I’ve been attending the local fitness center for the past twelve years.

While the membership fees are rather expensive, I think it’s well worth it.

The gym offers access to a broad selection of workout equipment. There are several rows of machines dedicated to working different muscle groups. It’s simple to make adjustments to the weight or resistance level to accommodate my size, strength and goals. There’s tons of treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, stairmasters and rowing machines available. They are all the latest models with tons of cool features. I am never forced to wait for someone else to finish up before I can use a particular type of machine. There’s also a designated area set up for weight lifting. There are quite a few weight benches and a range of dumbbells, kettlebells and weighted balls. I often run the track around the perimeter of the gym or work out on one of the heavy bags. The gym also includes a diversity of group fitness classes. The instructors are knowledgeable and motivational. I’ve taken classes in pilates, yoga, spin, boot camp and circuit training. I’ve enjoyed every single class. I usually stop at the gym prior work, Monday thru Friday. I set my alarm early so that I have at least an hour to workout. At that time of the mornings, there’s very few people at the gym. Once I finish the training session, I take advantage of the facility’s showers. The locker room allows me to get cleaned up and ready for work. It’s very convenient. Because of completing my workout in the morning, I am way more productive for the rest of the day. I’m in a better mood and feel strong, fit and better about myself. I could never afford to outfit a home gym with even close to the amount of equipment I access every day at the gym.



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Taking fitness to a new level with personal trainer

I’ve always been a little nuts about my level of physical fitness.

I make it a mission to get in a lengthy workout every day.

I always set bigger goals for myself, attempting to continually improve. At one point, I achieved a plateau. I made some changes to my meal plan and tried switching up my types of workout but with no improvement. It was super aggravating. I was working out longer than usual, pushing myself to greater lengths, yet seeing no results. I understand that as I grow older, my metabolism is slowing down. I was unwilling to accept weight gain or the loss of strength. I finally made the decision to get professional assistance. I checked online and read customer reviews for personal trainers in my local area. I found a girl who was able to schedule around my job. We arranged to meet up four evenings every week. I wasn’t overly optimistic. I found it difficult to believe the personal trainer could offer anything beyond what I was able to do for myself. After the initial session, I changed my opinion. I would never push myself to that limit. The personal trainer provided a variety of new exercises and increased the intensity. By the end of the session, I was drenched with sweat and exhausted. It felt wonderful. Within a couple of months, I began setting and achieving new goals again. I was so impressed with the style of training, I’ve continued working out with the personal trainer. She ensures that I focus on all the different muscle groups. She incorporates new exercises that combine strength building, high intensity aerobics, balance and flexibility. On the suggestion of my personal trainer, I’ve also started consulting with a nutritionist.


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Losing weight for my wedding

When my boyfriend of five years proposed, I was excited to begin planning the wedding.

I was determined to make everything perfect. I started dress shopping right away. That’s when I became concerned and unhappy with how I looked. Over the last three years, I had steadily picked up weight. I’d quit working out and sacrificed muscle tone. My body appeared dumpy in all of the dresses I tried on. I refused to feel self-conscious at my own wedding and be ashamed of the wedding photos. I realized I needed to drastically change my diet and begin working out. I attempted losing weight on my own but had very little success. I was overwhelmed at the gym and couldn’t make myself workout there. I tried going for a run but hurt my ankles and feet. I frequently cheated on my diet because I was always so hungry. I was completely discouraged by the time a friend suggested I call a personal trainer. The personal trainer made such a big difference. She listened to my concerns and goals and then set up a schedule for training sessions around my work demands. We began meeting four evenings per week, for two-hour training sessions. The personalized training was so helpful for me. The personal trainer stressed the need for a thorough warmup and deep stretch. She led me through each exercise, making certain I followed proper form. She helped motivate me to push myself harder than I would have on my own. The training sessions were extremely demanding, and I was sometimes tempted to give up.It didn’t take long for me to see positive results. I not only lost weight, but reshaped my muscles. I suddenly felt much stronger, healthier and much more energetic. By the time of the wedding, I was ready and felt confident.

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Personal trainer helps with weight loss

I’ve begun riding my bike to work everyday

I’ve struggled with extra weight since I was a kid. My family didn’t follow healthy eating habits. There were always snacks such as cookies, ice cream, potato chips as well as all types of candy available in the cupboards. We frequently got fast food for lunch and dinner. None of my family members participated in athletic activities or made an effort to be active in any way. My siblings and I spent a lot of time watching movies, playing video games and reading on Ipads. When I was in ninth grade, my weight issues resulted in a lack of self-confidence. Although I would have liked to try some of the sports such as track, volleyball or cheerleading, I didn’t have the courage to try out. I didn’t go to prom or the senior dinner dance. In college, I made an effort to eat better and exercise. Because I didn’t know how to properly go about it, I’d lose weight and immediately gain it right back. The repetitive cycle was especially discouraging. I signed up at a gym, but was so intimidated by the complexity of equipment and people who were in so much better shape than me, I quit. Just a few years ago, I finally decided to work with a personal trainer. The personalized workout sessions have totally changed our life. Taking the advice of my trainer, I also signed up with a nutritionist. I now follow a healthy meal program and take advantage of guided training sessions several times per week. I’ve lost a great deal of weight. I feel much stronger, healthier and better than I ever have before. I’ve begun riding my bike to work everyday. I hike, kayak, go rock climbing and recently joined a softball team. I have increased confidence, made new friends and am so much happier. Because of our personal trainer, I am setting new and more challenging fitness goals.


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Flooded basement ruins home gym

My basement has always been wet.

During the spring season, the basement would often flood.

We had constant issues with mold growth and musty smells, and the basement was nearly useless. I was concerned about health related concerns and potential structural damage to the home. I wasn’t satisfied with wasting this square footage. I wanted to have access to a home gym and the basement was the perfect spot. It’s sizable, with a cement floor, wired with electrical outlets and remains cool all summer. I eventually got in touch with a local plumber and asked for some ways to dry out the area. He explained that the basement was moist due to ground water coming in and encouraged us to invest in a pair of sump pumps. The cost of installing sump pits and buying the pumps was a lot, but I went ahead with it. I was really anxious to finally have a dry basement. Once the sump pumps were running, it didn’t take long for the area to dry out. I put down a rug and wet up all of my workout equipment down there. I bought a really nice treadmill to combine with the stationary bike I already owned. I invested in a weight bench and some new free weights, weighted balls and resistance bands. For several months, I took advantage of the home gym. It was so handy to have all of my equipment available whenever I had any time to workout. The following April, our local area got hit with a nasty thunderstorm. Along with torrential downpour, the high winds and snow melt were a problem. The power went out and the sump pumps no longer operated. The basement rapidly filled with three feet of water. The stationary bike was able to be saved, but the treadmill was beyond repair.


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Stationary bike is an enjoyable workout

A few years ago, my husband gave me a stationary bike for Mother’s Day.

I was delighted with the gift.

I exercise every single day for at least an hour, and I’m always hunting for new and beneficial styles of exercise. I appreciate the importance of muscle confusion and make great effort to focus on specific areas of the body during each workout. I make sure to rest my joints every other day to prevent soreness and serious, long-term damage. The stationary bike is perfect because there’s no impact on my feet, ankles, knees or hips. I avoid stress on the joints while also benefiting from a high intensity cardio workout. The bike let me decide between a variety of programs such as hill climbs or stream crossings. I can also choose to do a freestyle workout. With a tap of my finger, I can set a specific length of time for the workout, distance or a goal for the amount of calories burned. Since the bike tracks my daily accomplishments, I can compete against myself. During the workout, it’s simple to alter the resistance and I can increase the incline. However, I need to be motivated. It’s up to me to pedal at a brisk pace. Sitting on the bike accommodates listening to music and reading on my Ipad. I sometimes catch myself getting focused on a good book. I realize I’m cycling at a very leisurely pace. In order to burn plenty of calories during the workout session, it’s necessary to push myself. When I pedal steadily for the entire hour, I can burn up to 6 hundred calories. I still feel guilty, as if I took a day off from working out. Riding the bike is just too enjoyable to qualify as a demanding workout. Because of this, I only permit myself to ride the bike one day per week. I treat it as a day off.

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Using an app on my phone for a guided workout

Along with jumping rope for timed intervals and rest periods, these programs also include squats, mountain climbers, burpees, push ups and plank holds.

There are times when I can’t figure out what to do for our rewarding workout. Some mornings, I’m tired, can’t come up with something new or I’m simply not motivated to exercise. I realize that if left to my own devices, I will slack off. I’ll be lazy and not push myself. I’ll waste the majority of time on the warmup and various types of stretching. I’ll fail to get my heart rate elevated and not get maximum benefit out of the hour. On those days, I use an app I have installed on my smartphone. When I invested into a new jump rope system, the app was included for free. The system is a progressive style of jump rope fitness. The kid includes a pair of handles that connect to ropes of various weights. It came with a quarter-pound and half-pound rope. I added a single-pound and two-pound rope that link to the handles by way of a metal snap. It’s simple and quick to change between one rope and another. The heavier weights demand more exertion while the lighter ones encourage a swift pace. They all swing quie smoothly. The beauty of the app is that it provides a strenuous program I can follow. I can decide between beginner and advanced level training sessions. The different workouts last anywhere between twenty and thirty minutes .I appreciate that I am able to preview the expectations of the workout before committing to it. Along with jumping rope for timed intervals and rest periods, these programs also include squats, mountain climbers, burpees, push ups and plank holds. Throughout the workout, there is a countdown clock on the screen of the phone that shows how long before I switch to the next movement. Most intervals are only twenty to thirty seconds and there’s always a brief rest phase in-between. At the conclusion of the workout, it provides the amount of calories I’ve burned.

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Concerns with odors and dust in home gym

Wiping down the treadmill, stationary bike, yoga mats and all the free weights takes a lot of time and is frustrating.

I live in the northern part of the country, where the weather is quite extreme all year round. The Winter months bring temperatures right down to twenty below zero with an annual snow accumulation of around fifteen feet. The Summer months are typically hot and horribly humid, with temperatures up in the mid-eighties. In-between, we experience high winds, torrential downpours, hail and freezing rain. We are forced to remain indoors the majority of the time and temperature control is essential. In order to maintain comfort and avoid energy waste, I’ve taken all sorts of measures to seal up the house. While these efforts stop the heated and cooled air from leaking outside, I’ve also restricted natural ventilation. Without any input of outside air, allergens as well as odors get trapped inside and lead to problems with air quality. Problems with dust and foul odors were a big problem in the room designated as my home gym. Because of local weather, I need to complete my workout inside most of the time. Physical fitness is a priority for me. My workouts are always strenuous. I am dripping sweat all over the floor by the end of it. My clothes are saturated and I smell really bad. The odor in the home gym got really awful. The equipment was constantly coated in a layer of dust. Wiping down the treadmill, stationary bike, yoga mats and all the free weights takes a lot of time and is frustrating. I finally spent some money to install a whole-home ventilation system. It is installed directly into the heating and cooling system and works to introduce fresh air and remove stale air. Since adding the ventilator, the whole residence remains cleaner, feels fresher and my workout room is far more pleasant.

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Ballet-style workout is strenuous

I began ballet lessons when I was just four years old.

  • I immediately loved and showed a natural talent for.

I continued ballet lessons during high school and throughout college. I’ve given performances all over the northern area of the country. Unfortunately, dancing isn’t a practical means of earning a living. Following my graduation from college, I needed to find a job to cover the student loans, car payment and everyday costs. Although I can no longer spend the majority of my time on ballet training, it’s important to me that I keep physically strong and fit. I hope to maintain my range flexibility, strength and balance. I continue to focus on physical well-being and make exercise priority. I set aside a minimum of an hour every day for my workout. I’ve included ballet training in my daily exercise program. While ballet is graceful, smooth and slow, the movements are incredibly strenuous. Achieving, perfecting and holding the various positions requires a great deal of strength as well as balance. The leaps, pirouettes, plies and leg lifts depend on a variety of different muscles. The ballet-style exercises are wonderful for getting my heart pumping and taking my body to new limits. Rather than build big, heavy muscles, it encourages a long, lean and toned body. My physique is slim yet strong. I have an area set aside in my home that serves as a workout room. I’ve put up mirrors and a barre to mimic a small ballet studio. I’ve also bought some more traditional style equipment, including a yoga mat, weight bench, free weights and stationary bike. As much as I enjoy practicing ballet skills, I sometimes switch up the workouts for something different.



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Enjoying my workout routine

I have a fitness regimen that I truly enjoy.

I make an effort to get up by seven o’clock in the morning.

I am dressed and prepared to head out within half an hour. In the location where I reside, the weather allows me to exercise outside for the majority of the year. Although it can get a bit chilly or rather overheated, I prefer to get out of the house and take advantage of the fresh air. I put on my sneakers, get on my bicycle and ride the bike path that passes right by my house. The bike path is paved and smooth. It prohibits access to motorized vehicles. It’s wonderfully safe and super convenient. I bought a bluetooth speaker that hooks to the bike basket, and I added a holder for my cell phone that is affixed to the handlebars. I play music while I pedal my bike. A thirty minute ride leads to a nearby athletic field. It’s a strenuous enough workout to get me sufficiently warmed up. The athletic field provides a large area of mowed grass, pavement and shaded spots. I devote around forty minutes working out there. I always start with a thorough stretch and then transition into lunges, jumps and a series of squats. I often run around the field for fifteen to twenty minutes. I bring a towel that I lay on the ground in order to do some ab crunches. I also have a full water bottle with me. I like that ,the athletic field provides clean restrooms. Once I’ve elevated my heart rate and managed a good sweat, I get back on my bike and ride home. On the ride back, I usually elevate the resistance and strive to quicken the pace. This exercise program incorporates a lot of different muscles and burns a great deal of calories. I always feel wonderful afterward.


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