Different lifestyles affect quality of life

The difference between my mother and mother in law is shocking.

Both women are in their mid 50s but they look over a decade apart in age.

My family makes fitness a priority. My mother works out every day of the week. For two of those days, she’s enrolled in a fitness class led by a certified trainer. The other days, she sometimes jumps rope for a solid hour. She’ll ride her bike miles and miles or run sprints at the soccer field. Quite often, my mother is mistaken for my older sister. She eats extremely clean and healthy food. She is a vegetarian and tries to avoid sugar, butter and carbs. My mom also goes to the dentist every year, uses natural skin products and focuses on a stress free lifestyle. My mother in law doesn’t do anything physical at all. I don’t know if she has ever gone for a run or lifted weights in her life. She is definitely overweight and eats lots of junk food. She also smokes and drinks alcohol regularly. I have noticed her skin is rather wrinkled and she looks haggard. Her stressful lifestyle and bad habits have affected her appearance. Since she doesn’t work out, she has some physical issues. When my mother in law visits us, she has a difficult time going up and down the stairs. I can’t allow her to help in the household project or cleaning because of all the bending and lifting. She also has complaints with sore muscles and joints. It is just surprising how the different lifestyle of these two women has impacted their health and quality of life. I can’t imagine being satisfied with being limited because I was unwilling to workout or eat healthy.
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Being in shape helps with remodel

Since starting my bathroom remodelling project, I have been very thankful that I am in good physical shape.

I can’t imagine how someone out of shape could manage such a labor-intensive job.

There is such a great deal of physical work that goes into tearing down and rebuilding a space. First, the tearing down older tile, walls and laminate floors wasn’t easy. I had to swing a heavy hammer for hours on end and pry off pieces with a cat’s claw. I also was required to bend, squat and lift the heavy debris to fit it into garbage bags and haul them to my curb. I was frequently twisting, maneuvering into weird positions and holding my hands up above my head. It was an intensive arm workout. After everything was torn down, it was time to install new. Drywall sheets are super big and heavy. It’s necessary to hold them up while measuring and screwing them in. The new porcelain tiles I choose are not exactly lightweight. I frequently need to move boxes of tile. Fitting my new vanity into the space was not easy. Balancing on a ladder while installing a new light was strenuous. Without strength, balance and stamina, I couldn’t manage such a lengthy project. Since I am in peak shape, I have saved a lot of money on hiring labor. I have done approximately 90% of the job on my own. I only hired a professional to hook up some of the plumbing and run new electric lines. Other than that, I am handling it. I wonder what other women my age do to complete this type of project. My peer group is typically overweight or weak. They aren’t willing to take on such tough projects. I needed a lot of strength and determination to do the job right. I don’t know a woman my age who could have kept up with me.


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Water based workouts are beneficial

I live right near a small lake and I have gotten interested in water sports. I used to strictly run for a workout. While running was beneficial, my progress reached a plateau. My body got accustomed to running the same distance and route each day. I wasn’t improving muscle toning or achieving weight loss. With the water so close, I can change up my workouts and target specific muscles. Sometimes, I just swim for a great cardio workout. Swimming is so advantageous because both arms and legs are moving to propel my body forward. It is extremely low impact and won’t lead to any injuries. Now and then, I will kayak or stand up paddle board for something different. I like getting an effective arm workout! I feel like I’m cheating when I swim because it’s so enjoyable. It is so fun paddling around in the sun with my music blaring. I find it difficult to stop after an hour, I enjoy myself so much. I will take a flotation device to rest my arms on it and work primarily my legs. Then I do a variation of leg kicks to swim around in the lake. That is a wonderful lower body exercise. I have noticed that since I have started water based workouts, I have dropped some weight. My muscles have more tone to them too. I am much more excited about my workout and feel healthier. This has even affected how I eat. I don’t want to hinder my progress by eating a bunch of carbs, sugars and processed foods. I have seen that eating fruits and vegetables is tasty and gives me more energy. I have less digestive issues. I feel like a whole new person.

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Temperature for workout space matters

I can’t decide if it’s worse working out when the conditions are too hot or too cold. When the summer temperature climbs into the 90s, with high humidity and it’s difficult to breathe, I am not that thrilled to work out. It’s hard to last the full hour. I feel slow, tired and I sweat the moment I start my warmup. I prefer doing a gymnastic based workout because it incorporates strength, balance and flexibility. I also include arms, shoulders, legs, butt and ab muscles while performing a single maneuver. When I feel too overheated and sweaty, I tend to slip! My feet slide out from under me, my hands have no grip and I end up flopping all over the mat. I am not eager to get down and stretch because I hate spreading my sweat all over the mat. I hurry through the stretch and risk an injury. The conditions being too cold is just as big of a problem. For any physical activity, I need to be fully stretched and warmed up or I risk straining a muscle. I need to force myself to add extra cardio prep so I can get sufficiently warm and stretch the right way. When it is chilly, I have trouble with tumbling. It hurts my feet and hands when they are so cold. I don’t stretch as easily and the mats feel icy and hard on my limbs. I need to invest in a proper heating and cooling unit so that the weather doesn’t hinder my workouts. At this point, I can check the temperature and know if I am going to have a beneficial workout or not.

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The smell of cleaning products kill me

I simply put the cleaning product into the device as well as started scrubbing.

When you work for a cleaning business, you don’t really know too much about the cleaning products you will be using. I mean I was used to using bleach, oven cleaner, as well as disinfectants. When I easily began working for the cleaning business, I thought they would have the same types of products. I saw the official names, however these cleaning products were actually industrial strength. By the end of the fourth week, my hands were dry, as well as bleeding. My nostrils were burning on a regular basis from the powerful odor of the cleaning products, as well as I went back to my household every evening with a headache. I couldn’t easily believe how sick I was from the odor of the cleaning products. I imagined I could smell that stink on my skin, even after I had showered. The thought of the detergents made my skin itch. I didn’t mind the cleaning products as much when I started working with the rug scrubber as well as the floor cleaners. I simply put the cleaning product into the device as well as started scrubbing. The odor wasn’t quite as awful when it was mixed with water. Unlike the odor of the cleaning products when I was using it straight out of the bottle, I was able to use the machines without going back to my household during the evening with a headache as well as a sore throat. I don’t really know how well I’ll be able to do the job because of my reactions to the cleaning products, however it pays well as well as I’ll work for this cleaning corporation for as long as possible. Even if I only last until September, I’ll be able to get my hubby a pretty nice Christmas present.

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I hate the smell of cleaning products

When you work for a cleaning company, you don’t think about the cleaning products you’ll be using.

I mean I was used to using bleach, oven cleaner, and disinfectants.

When I started working for the cleaning company, I thought they would have the same types of products. I saw the familiar names, but these cleaning products were industrial strength. By the end of the second week, my hands were dry, and bleeding. My nostrils were burning all the time from the strong smell of the cleaning products, and I went home every night with a headache. I couldn’t believe how tired I was of the smell of the cleaning products. I imagined I could smell that odor on my skin, even after I had showered. The feel of the detergents made my skin itch. I didn’t mind the cleaning products as much when I started working with the rug scrubber and the floor cleaners. I simply put the cleaning product into the machine and started scrubbing. The smell wasn’t nearly as bad when it was mixed with water. Unlike the smell of the cleaning products when I was using it right out of the bottle, I was able to use the machines without going home at night with a headache and a sore throat. I don’t know how well I’ll be able to do the job because of my reactions to the cleaning products, but it pays well and I’ll work for this cleaning company for as long as I can. Even if I only last until November, I’ll be able to get my husband a nice Christmas present.

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Adding a stationary bike to my home gym

I set up a home gym for the sake of convenience.

I wanted to be able to workout at any time of the day or night without needing to drive anywhere.

I like to be able to exercise for as long as I feel like without getting interrupted or needing to hurry. Since I didn’t have unlimited funds to work with, I had to make the decision of what type of equipment to buy. I looked at treadmills, rowing machines and ellipticals but ended up choosing an exercise bike. One of the reasons for it was because a bike offers a relatively low-impact workout. I can get moving and burn a whole bunch of calories without putting a lot of stress on my joints. I can adjust the height of the seat to get a comfortable position so that I don’t worry about a sore back. I have the ability to customize the workout session by adding resistance, pedaling faster or choosing a program. I can even turn it into an interval training workout by including a combination of pedaling quickly and standing up from the seat. I sometimes work my arms by holding weights while I ride the bike. I’ve even worn ankle weights for short, fast bursts. I’ve found that the stationary bike is a wonderful way to burn a ton of calories in a single workout. I’m able to elevate my heart rate, get sweaty and feel good about my accomplishment. By combining healthier eating habits with strenuous daily workouts that include the bike, I’ve lost a considerable amount of weight. I really enjoy using the bike. I avoid hazardous road conditions, negligent drivers and bad weather. Having the bike as part of my home gym lets me workout without any worries about what’s going on outside. All I need to do is lace up sneakers, sit down on the bike and start pedaling.

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Heating and cooling system needs to protect guitar collection

I started taking guitar lessons when I was just seven years old.

  • Despite a lot of lessons and tons of practice, I’m no expert.

I simply love the instrument and really enjoy playing. Over the years, I’ve become a collector of guitars. I travel all over the country for my job, and I’m always on the lookout for vintage stringed instruments. I hope to find rare models with some interesting history. Some of the guitars in my collection are worth quite a bit of money. Others simply have sentimental value. Some of them, I play regularly while others I preserve and don’t dare fiddle with. The one thing that all of the guitars have in common is their sensitivity to temperature fluctuation and humidity. Insufficient moisture in the air can dry out the wood and cause it to crack. Too much humidity can warp the instrument. Even a temperature variation of a few degrees can throw the guitar out of tune. To protect the longevity and integrity of the collection, I need to have reliability control over heating, cooling and humidity. I’ve invested a great deal of money into a high quality, state-of-the-art central furnace and air conditioner. The system features an adaptable speed compressor that allows it to adjust speed in tiny one percent increments to ensure very stable temperature. Unfortunately, the furnace can really dry out the air in the winter, and the air conditioner isn’t designed to to handle humidity. I considered buying both a humidifier and dehumidifier, but it was cheaper and more effective to install a ventilator. It works to bring in fresh air, get rid of stale air and stabilize moisture levels. While the whole purpose is to preserve my instruments, I benefit from ideal comfort and tremendous energy efficiency.


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Saving up for central air conditioning

In my local area, the summer season doesn’t last all that long.

We’re fortunate if we get to enjoy three months of hot weather, blue skies and sunshine.

For that brief period, the high temperatures and humidity can make for an overheated, sticky and uncomfortable home. We can get by with window air conditioners and box fans, but I’d rather have a central cooling system. I’ve done my homework, and there’s some really advanced cooling technology on the current market. Today’s air conditioners achieve up to 26 SEER and offer energy saving features such as zone control, sophisticated dehumidification capability and adaptable-speed operation. I’d really like to be able to close the windows against the influx of bugs, pollen, dust, exhaust fumes and noise pollution. I know the house would stay cleaner. Plus, the cooling system would filter out airborne contaminants. I wouldn’t need to vacuum or dust as often, and my whole family would benefit from healthier air quality. I would love the ability to simply lower the thermostat to cool down the entire house. I am convinced I’d sleep better at night. Unfortunately, central air conditioning is rather expensive. I’ve been saving up for the purchase price and cost of installation, but other things keep taking priority. Because of a problem with my transmission, I depleted my savings for a down payment on a new car. I recently needed to replace the washing machine and hot water heater. I’ve already had a professional HVAC contractor provide a free estimate on a new air conditioner. I’ve considered taking out a home improvement loan to cover the cost, but I hate to make payments. However, while I’m saving up money, I’m also living without air conditioning.


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Needing air conditioner repair

My house is heated and cooled by a packaged unit situated outside and linked to ductwork that feeds conditioned air to vents in the ceiling.

The system is downright ancient.

We bought the house several years ago and immediately noticed the unfortunate age, size and appearance of the unit. We doubted the system had the capacity to make it through a single winter. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by its reliability and performance. In our local area, the winter weather isn’t all that harsh. Now and then the temperature drops down into the upper thirties. At that point, the packaged unit struggles a bit. It sometimes ices over. We’ve invested in a little electric heater to help out. In cooling mode, the system has done a great job of handling the extreme heat and humidity. Although it’s so noisy that it often startles me when it kicks in, it proves a tremendous amount of cool air. We’ve never called for professional maintenance. We believe there is nothing but dust, debris and grime holding the components together. Just this past spring, we noticed that although the system was making its usual operational noises, there was virtually no air coming from the vents. I was worried about calling for repair. I prepared for the worst, figuring the HVAC contractor would insist we invest in a whole new system. When the technician took the unit apart, there was a significant build up of leaves, twigs and dirt within the cabinet. He found a small refrigerant leak. He said that replacing parts was impossible because of the age of the system. He recommended adding refrigerant, charging it up and seeing how long it would last. Since then, the system has been providing plenty of cool air. I’m hopeful it’s going to last us another few years.

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