Jump rope for exercise

When I got determined to lose some weight and improve my level of fitness, I decided to start jumping rope. I knew that jumping rope burns a great deal of calories in a short period of time. It’s a high intensity cardio workout that targets a wide variety of muscles. Plus, there’s very little necessary equipment. All I needed was a pair of sneakers, a jump rope and enough space. I wasn’t prepared for how strenuous of an exercise it is. When I first began, I couldn’t even manage to jump for one complete minute. I’d get far too out of breath and need to rest. I was amazed by how quickly my heart started pounding. I’d immediately become sweaty and my ankles and feet hurt. I stuck with it and gradually saw improvement. Eventually, I was able to jump for a whole song. I’d rest until the next song on my Ipod started up and then get right back to jumping. I can now jump for 60 minutes. I’ve traded my old leather jump rope with weighted handles for a more modern system. The new system has a single set of handles that link to ropes of different weights. The more lightweight jump ropes rotate quicker and are great for cardio. The heavier ropes slow things down and work the muscles in my shoulders and arms. I also purchased a rubber met that is designed specially for jumping rope. I am practicing a variety of tricks, including double-unders and crossovers. I’ve gotten so much better at it and I really enjoy my workouts. I’m proud that I’ve managed to drop the weight and have set new and more challenging fitness goals.
Yoga studio

Maximizing my workouts

I came up at a time when working out was limited to just going into a place with poor air conditioning, bad lighting and lots of weight lifting.

It was not at all a very welcoming place unless you were into body building.

Indeed, building up my body to impress was the reason I ended up in that local gym. But, it didn’t take me very long to quit going and allow that gym membership to lapse. That first impression of gym life really stuck with me. As I have aged, I remained resistant to any new gym membership. But then, I was encouraged to take advantage of a corporate wellness program. There were great health care and other incentives for me to adhere to the corporate health program. So, I went for it. And man, am I ever glad I did. Going into this, I wasn’t exactly in horrible shape. I ate relatively well and played tennis and golf. But, I was also at an age where I needed to maximize my exercise in order to meet my new health and wellness goals. My trips to the gym started out with me just sort of making up my own workout program. But soon, I was approached by one of the certified fitness experts on staff about working up a customized workout program. It was not additional cost so, I was game. That was the tipping point for health and fitness being an integral fundamental in how I lived my life. Now, I am actually looking forward to going to the gym on my way home from work. I didn’t think that could ever happen. But, it certainly has.


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Taking my health plan one step at a time

Someone once asked me how I would eat an elephant.

I thought this was a most bizarre question and knew that it had to be some sort metaphor.

When I answered that I just didn’t know, the person gave me an answer that is right on. He told me that you eat an elephant one bite at a time. That is how I am approaching my health plan, I am taking it slow and one step at a time. I have to take this approach to my health and wellness or it would be completely overwhelming otherwise. My health has been horribly neglected for my entire adult life. Those are the facts and facts that I had to face. I found myself dangerously overweight with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the rest. It was way overdue for me to address my situation. My first step was coordinating with my doctor and then finding the right body wellness center. These were important first steps. My health was is such a state that simply trying to diet and go for more walks was not sufficient. At body wellness center, I was introduced to an overall health plan that would be achievable and not short term. I was also introduced to nutritional programs from the outset. There wasn’t an exercise done or a weight lifted before I got plenty of nutritional counseling. The certified fitness experts worked together to formulate a specific workout program that would go hand in hand with my overall health plan. I’m taking it step my step and seeing a bit of progress. I know it will be a long road but, I know that I can do it with the help of these great people.

Certified Fitness Experts

Getting fit has been a great experience

When I go into something new, I tend to prepare myself for the worst.

  • That is just how my mind works.

I like to think that things are going to work out but, I hate being unprepared for when things are tougher than I imagined. My recent experience getting into health and fitness was something that I wanted to do but was also a bit afraid of. I have had gym memberships in the past. They were a sort of a knee jerk reaction to a body and self image problem. It wasn’t really about health and wellness on any level. I was only interested in the superficial results. So when I decided that I wanted to go back to the gym, I realized that I needed a different approach. As I have aged and settled down in my life, my health plans have been taking more of center stage. Going to the gym was no longer about just lifting weights for appearance sake. I really wanted to come at this from a health and wellness perspective. Being fit and healthy would become a fundamental part of how I looked at life. My plan was to allow personal health and wellness to leverage the best for the rest of my entire life. That was a tall order and I wasn’t sure I was really up to it. I am here to report that I am indeed up to it. With the help of certified fitness experts, I have been able to really incorporate my health and wellness goals into my life plan. And what’s more important, I feel great about it and it was far easier than I thought it would be.



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Gym transformations are a thing of beauty

I love my wife.

And I adore her no matter her shape or size.

That is a given and I would say that she feels the same way about me as well. Once the kids came and our focus became the family unit, our health and fitness took a bit of a back seat. With both put on the mommy and daddy pounds and really struggled to not let it get away from us. We tried to eat right as much as we could and get in a walk a few times per week. But, we both realized that this just wasn’t going to do it for either of us. It wasn’t really an appearance issue as much as it was a health and wellness situation. Neither of us could muster the energy to deal with our hectic lives and we just didn’t feel good. That led us to facing the fact that a gym membership was a must. After a bit of research, we found a health and fitness center where we felt our specific needs could be met. The big bonus about this health and fitness center was the fact that they had a place for the children. This allowed us to focus on the workout programs that had been designed by the certified fitness experts on staff. And it wasn’t just the workout program that we wanted either. Our goal was to get some nutritional counseling so we could really learn how best to take care of our bodies. The experience has been a total success. And my beautiful wife has that sparkle in her eye again.

Fitness coahing

My workouts are progressing

They were helpful with personal trainers who would help me with technique and motivation.

I am one of those people who really thrives on the measurables. It’s the only way I can really judge if something is working or if it isn’t. I think I have been this way most of my life. When I was a little kid, I was obsessed with measuring my height and weight as I grew. The marks on the door frame were tirelessly revisited each and every week. It got so intense that my mom told me that I would have to only check once a month. The same is true in my work and other pursuits. That is one thing that I really love about the health and fitness center that I belong to. I work with the personal training center to measure and analyze my progress with my health and fitness. There are plenty of data points that I can understand and then utilize to augment my workout program in order to maximize the benefits. The direct fitness coaching is instrumental to me finding my goal path and achieving the results that I am after. The local gym I used to belong to just didn’t put a lot of focus on tracking my progress. They were helpful with personal trainers who would help me with technique and motivation. However, the metrics just weren’t there and that is something I really want in a health and fitness center. I much prefer the personal fitness programs as opposed to the group fitness training classes. With the group stuff, I just can’t find that measurable the way I can with the customized workout programs and those sort of training methods.


Personal Trainer

Changing my life with the help of the gym

I’m not ashamed anymore to admit that I have an addictive personality.

This has caused a lot of turmoil in my life.

Certain substances take hold of me and I am really then just a prisoner. I have battled addiction for much of my adult life and it has not been easy. But, the big step for me is to be authentic and honest about this part of my life. Another huge step for me was to get into a wellness and recovery program. Fortunately for me, my corporate wellness program is helping me get the guidance and support I need. Health and wellness is vital to overcoming and managing addiction for the long term. I was guided to a health and fitness center as part of my wellness and recovery program. Dealing with certified fitness experts as well as nutritional counseling has added yet another layer of support. While it may look like I am just going to the gym to do my workout program, I am also there with wellness and recovery top of mind. I do group fitness training classes with other people who are also focused on wellness and recovery. Having that group, in that setting really has made a lasting difference in my experience. I feel like I have a shared experience that those around me also can relate to. But, I like that we are in there together really making an effort to fully realize our health and wellness potential. I know that with the guidance and support of those associated with this wellness and recovery program, I will realize my personal goals.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Yoga studio has made such a difference

But the big draw for me was the inhouse yoga studio

I used to just hate going to the gym. Coming home from work, I would have this great plan to get dressed for the gym right away and head out. But, I would always find all these little reasons to postpone my visit to the health and fitness center that I belonged to. It was so easy to just blow off the gym because I just wasn’t motivated to go do more work. That is the way I viewed my workout program. I would go to the gym, do the requisite weight lifting, get on a cardio machine and then go home. Sure, I felt better when I was finished and it certainly was good for my health and wellness. But, I actively disliked the workout program while I was doing it. That is a recipe for going to the gym less and less. Of course, as has been my trend, I would pay these monthly gym membership fees only to not even show up. That was not the way I wanted to approach my ideas of health and wellness. So, when my local gym membership lapsed, I decided to find something a bit different in my next workout program. That led me to a different health and fitness center where the workout classes were almost limitless. But the big draw for me was the inhouse yoga studio. Adding yoga to my workout program has brought the fun back to the moment at the gym for me. I actually like what I’m doing at the gym and don’t feel like I’m just doing more work.



Training methods

Health center takes on a whole new meaning

I like very much to try things that are good for me. It’s important on a number of levels. Stretching your comfort zone in order to maximize the life we have been given is always a vital part of growing through our time here. It’s more than apparent that health and fitness is a key ingredient to a well rounded life. It makes sense on so many levels so, I find it strange that it took me so long to realize it. My lifestyle is far from reckless and I have taken fairly decent care of my body. However, I have never really focused on health and wellness in a very active way. My approach to health and wellness has been more passive to be sure. When a new health and fitness center opened up just down the road from me, I decided to have a look. As soon as I walked into the place, I knew I was not in the local gym of my youth. What I saw was a gym transformation on display. There were so many things offered to a those with a gym membership. I couldn’t believe the array of workout programs. It sure wasn’t just a bunch of dudes weight lifting. It was a real health center indeed. The focus of the health and fitness center was on health and wellness. That was the big take away for me. It wasn’t just about getting all buff or jacked. No, the emphasis was on health and wellness. I applied for a gym membership that very first visit. It’s still early but, I can already see the benefit potential of me focusing more directly on my overall health and fitness levels.

Workout plans

Training methods have so advanced

I get startled at times each and every week with how much my world has evolved in what feels like a short time.

I think there are many great steps forward we have made as a society.

Yet, I still long for more changes that will continue to level the playing field for everyone. But, I see change and evolution everywhere around me. Even the local gym has come miles and miles from where it was when I was a young man. First, I think it’s evident that all people no matter gender or race benefit from health and fitness. That wasn’t always the case. The first gym I ever walked into was full of all just guys and they were all about intimidation. Now, my personal trainer at my local gym is a woman who is a certified fitness expert. Times have changed with the way the local gym is laid out as well. The health and fitness center I belong to has an extensive array of amenities. There is even a yoga studio inside the walls of the health and fitness center. The gym also has tons of group fitness classes, cross fit programs and many other training methods. It’s really quite impressive indeed. My favorite gym transformation is the steam room and the sauna. This is where I love to finish up my session at the local gym. Things have sure changed with the fitness world. It once was all about weight lifting and now the emphasis is on health and wellness. What a wonderful evolution indeed.

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