The studio recording

I own a small recording studio in our area, plus I have a lot of local difficult rock bands come in to record singles plus occasionally albums, the money I make isn’t half as great as it used to be. These days, I do it as a part time living because I don’t get as much business. That is due to the fact that the tunes industry has gone to hell in a handbasket thanks to everyone doing their own stuff on tablet software… However,.when I do get the real jobs, I need to make sure I am still at the top of our game. The last gig I had our studio unit broke plus fried out right before the gig was about to begin! With only several hours of leeway time, I needed to find some emergency tunes production unit to rent! I did not have enough time to repair this on our own, so tunes production unit rentals would be our best bet at this time. I was lucky that I knew this one locale that had tunes production unit rentals for a nice price. All I needed the tunes production unit rental for was a few days while I got our own tunes production unit repaired. It cost myself and others only a few hundred dollars to get the tunes production unit rental, however so I was lucky there. I was able to have our own tunes production unit back up plus running within a few days. The band I produced was certainly happy with the tunes production unit rental as well.


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