Should have gotten a mechanic

I waited a day for the HVAC gal to not get a repair

I needed a serviceman badly on my last vacation! I was road tripping in addition to just taking whatever hotel was around. I also was relying on my outdated vehicle to make it all over the world. Then my a/c in the vehicle went out. What a good way to start the southern portion of my trip. I was going from north to south. So the weather was getting warmer as I moved. Why couldn’t there be no A/C when I was in the north? I went by using the windows in addition to fresh air. In the south, you need to have some ac. Being perfectly comfortable is absolutely huge when you’re on a trip! I mean it’s difficult to argue with that 1. I set out looking for someone to help me in the city, a reliable heater in addition to A/C business should do the job right? One said they had a spot for me available early the next day. I called around to other Heating in addition to A/C dealers and they were all booked up. So I had to wait a full day to get someone to come over. The supplier was started a long time ago. They are a family run business. My HVAC company was super nice. However, when I showed her the issue was with my vehicle a/c, she started laughing at me. So a Heating in addition to A/C company doesn’t repair Heating in addition to A/C in a car. They do residential in addition to commercial units. She told me I needed a mechanic. I waited a day for the HVAC gal to not get a repair. It was all my fault.

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