That HVAC unit was messed up

For my birthday I got to pick where the family goes to eat.

I choose to go to the local pub near my home.

I was thinking about the birthday dinner all year. At supper, my family in addition to I were eating, drinking booze in addition to abruptly I noticed I was really hot. Everyone at the table came up with reasons why, maybe the a/c component is awful, or perhaps the Heating in addition to the A/C system was old, or went out early on in the day! The staff may have been too inexperienced or too busy to not notice the issues that the place needed. I was so aggravated by the lack of cooling that I wanted to leave. The waitress assured me they would bring fans in addition to cool the stadium down. I knew some electrical stuff. I wanted to see their Heating and A/C unit. I figured I could fix it. The waitress allowed me to take a glance in addition to I wish I wouldn’t have. There were loose wires, dust, outdated filters in addition to dangerous, hazardous situations for all the people! Health code wasn’t even up to it with the cooling in addition to heating. The insulation may have been 50 years old with it. I was astounded. How can such irresponsible things be done at this pub? I wasn’t able to fix it when it was at that level. I told the waitress they needed a good Heating in addition to A/C professional and to expect a giant bill.

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