HVAC heat pump does some pretty amazing things

The modern HVAC heat pump is a pretty remarkable machine.

There is no question about that.

What gets me a bit is the fact that most of us simply take that awesome piece of heating & cooling equipment totally for granted. I know that was certainly the case for me. The HVAC was simply the thing that was running most days when it was either too hot or a bit too cold. Where I grew up, the HVAC heat pump was sort of the go to heating and cooling method. And with good reason. Our region delights in a mild winter. There isn’t any snow or ice. And seldom does the temperature ever really get to freezing. But we pay for that when the summer gets here. The summer heat can be really intense. And there is a four month stretch where the heat is overwhelming. Most of us are looking for an HVAC cooled place inside during the peak heating hours of the day. But the HVAC heat pump does such a great job of tackling that heat. Without the heat pump, I think there would be a lot less people living in this region throughout the summer. But the HVAC heat pump isn’t only cooling off the inside of our homes and businesses. No, it’s also balancing the humidity as it cools. That’s because part of the cooling process has the heat pump remove heated air and exhaust it outside. A whole bunch of humidity in the air goes with it thus balancing the humidity inside. And of course when the temps did in the winter, all we have to do is move the thermostat over to heating. And the heat pump takes care of the rest of it.



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