So glad I changed to a smart thermostat

Since I am in quarantine, I have had the time to finally get rid of some of the tasks that have been placed on the backburner forever.

I have to tell you, the home looks so fresh as well as I have enjoyed having this extra time to get finish what I need to do.

One of the things that has been on my list of things I want to do for a while is changing out our control unit. Since my wife as well as I moved into our house, we’ve been chatting about how the two of us need to change out the outdated dial control component as well as swap it with a wifi device. Well, then the request turned into a big production. Currently, my wife would love me to replace the dial control device with a smart device right away. I finally went to the hardware store as well as picked up a smart temperature control. I got a hold of a friend of mine. My friend is very handy and I thought he could help me install it. Him as well as I got the smart control component installed last weekend and, I have to tell you, I should’ve replaced my control component years ago. I didn’t realize how much you could save on your day to day heating plus cooling bill just by having your temperature adjust to different warm plus cold temperatures throughout the morning. This smart control component is so wonderful.
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