Living on a budget

I live on a very tight budget, and I do everything possible to save capital. I clip coupons, shop sales, and take advantage of discounts. I make sure that the different windows in the house have been completely caulked, and that all the exterior doors have weatherstripping. I am so conscientious about saving money that I unplug appliances when they are currently not in use. I run fans to push the heat toward a floor during the winter, and to aid the heat escape during the summertime. I am diligent about having a professional HVAC contractor service the heating and cooling equipment every year to ensure peak efficiency along with reliability. One time, I to set my thermostat so low the winter, that I needed to wear a coat inside my home to keep warm. I tried to go all winter without running that furnace. In the summer, I never switched on the air conditioner, preferring to suffer in the warmth and humidity. Then my HVAC contractor recommended installing a smart thermostat to improve comfort and trim my power bills. Investing in the smart thermostat has made a vital difference in my budget. Because I am operating the HVAC equipment more wisely, I have minimized my expenses while maximizing my year round comfort. I no longer operate the furnace or air conditioner when I am gone or while I am asleep. The thermostat activates the heating and cooling system when I come home with the ideal temperature. The thermostat additionally reminds me about filter shifts and maintenance needs, and offers energy saving tips.



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