I saw some pretty good deal on air purifiers

I saw some pretty good deals on air purifiers.

I had never thought about getting an air purifier before all of this virus stuff started.

It wasn’t until the pandemic and all my friends telling me about how they were glad that they had air purifiers that I decided that I should probably have an air purifier as well. I looked for air purifiers at a local store, but I could not find them there. I asked around to see where my friends got their air purifiers, and most of them bought their air purifiers online and had them shipped. I thought about doing that, but the shipping was estimated to take over four weeks. It didn’t normally take that long to ship them, but because of everything going on in the world, even air purifiers were delayed in shipping. I was really wanting an air purifier though, so I was determined to look until I found one that would not take a month or more to get to me. I found a couple air purifiers at a store about three hours from my house. They were on sale, and I should have bought one. I saw the prices, and I thought that I could get an air purifier cheaper than that, but I was wrong. The only reason that I thought that I could get an air purifier for cheaper than that is because I saw an advertisement about air purifiers, and they were cheaper than the ones that I saw in that store. Well, by the time I made it to the store that put out the advertisement, the air purifiers were all sold out. I never ended up driving three hours back to the store with the good deal on air purifiers.

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