Filter changes have to be done on time

I survive on a very tight budget and I always do anything I can to save money.

I clip coupons, shop sales, and take advantage of rebates.

I make sure that most of the windows in the house had been caulked, and that all of the exterior doors have weatherstripping. I am so conscientious about saving money that I unplug appliances when they will not be in use. I run ceiling fans to push the heat toward the ground during the winter, and to help the heat escape during our summer. I am diligent about having a professional HVAC contractor service the heating and cooling equipment on a yearly basis to ensure peak efficiency along with reliability. One time, I set my thermostat so low in the winter, that I needed to wear a coat in the house to keep warm. I tried going all winter without running the furnace. In the summer, I never started the air conditioner, preferring to suffer with the heat and humidity. Then my HVAC contractor recommended installing a smart thermostat to improve comfort and trim my power bills. Investing in the smart thermostat has made a significant difference in my budget. Because my house is operating the HVAC equipment even more wisely, I have minimized my expenses while maximizing my all year round comfort. I no longer operate the furnace or air conditioner as soon as I leave my house and when I am asleep. The thermostat activates the heating and cooling system at the perfect time to welcome me home with the perfect temperature. The thermostat at the same time reminds me about filter shifts and maintenance needs, and supplies energy saving tips.
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