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Being inside the music business comes with its positives and negatives.

Working with bands and artists, there are a ton of tiny details that need to be perfected before a tour or recording can start.

Some band members are awesome and will eventually act like your friends while others can be quite a pain. In some cases, people have quit their jobs as they cannot handle the drama and neediness with the musicians. They tend to be ready to be catered too in just about every way, right down to their heating and cooling preferences. Band managers are the ones who have to handle the scheduling while the assistants get stuck searching the HVAC maintenance workers in every area to guarantee the stage is the perfect temperature avoiding any errors in singing. Within the dressing rooms, the assistants are constantly playing around to change the thermostats to the band members’ heating and cooling needs. After a show or while while travelling, the driver hears all the constant complaints of turning up the heat or air conditioning. When there are actually multiple members in one lorry, it seems as if nobody can make a decision on the perfect temperature and turn out too cold with the air conditioner or too sticky while using the heat. When it comes to help studio time, each musician has to set the recording studio thermostat to the moderate cool setting to ensure their voices don’t dry out or crack. As ridiculous as it could sound, a lot of the band’s success and collaboration would rely on the HVAC system options.


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