Using a zone controlled HVAC

My husband and I have recently discovered the benefits of owning a zone controlled HVAC system.

We first heard about it on the TV in an advertisement.

Neither of us are the kind of people to buy things just because we saw it in an ad. Not unless it is something we need or is really nice. However, this was different because the two of us both know that we would have gotten it sooner if we had known about it. My husband and I are very close and we have been together for many years, but that doesn’t stop us from bickering like an old married couple sometimes. We may be married but we aren’t old! Still, the topic of discussion that we can never agree on is temperature preferences. I’m a southern girl and the warm and sunny days are home to me, my husband on the other hand is a true northerner and I do believe with how well he handles the cold that he could live his whole life out in the cold and it wouldn’t bother him. Thankfully, our temperature differences weren’t so extreme that we couldn’t find a happy medium and we have been keeping our thermostat set at room temperature. When we called the local heating and cooling company to inquire about the zone controlled HVAC system, we knew it was for us and we took our savings and purchased it. All of the house is shared with the exception of a couple of extra bedrooms. It was there that we used the zone controlled heating and a/c system. Now we can each have our temperatures the way we like them.


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The heater wasn’t installed correctly

I couldn’t take it not working and so I made another appointment with the HVAC business that sold it to me

When I first purchased my brand new heating system, I was excited to give it a test try. It was a very nice electric furnace. Comparing it to my old and cheap oil gas furnace, I was not at all sad to see my old heating system go. It wasn’t long until the HVAC technician had come over to my home to perform the installation. Everything went smoothly-or so I thought, and I was surprised by how little time the heating professional spent installing it. It wasn’t until after it was completed that I started noticing problems with how it was functioning. The brand new heater would have a very hard time performing basic functions, like turning on and heating my house. Considering that the new heater was not only a brand new model, and one of the best kinds of furnaces that money could buy, I found it hard to believe that I was having so many issues. I started to wonder if maybe this heater was just a lemon. I couldn’t take it not working and so I made another appointment with the HVAC business that sold it to me. The next time they sent out a different heating and cooling serviceman and he told me that the first guy had not installed the heater correctly. He spent a long time correcting the mistakes that the first guy had made and when he was finished he stayed and tested it to ensure it was working correctly. It was now fixed and I never had any other heating problems.


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The window a/c made it possible for me to relax

So I started doing some research and I found that HEPA filters are excellent at giving you good indoor air quality

I don’t know how I would relax if it weren’t for my window air conditioner. I suppose you could say that I am a person of habit. I like to have the same routine daily. Every day right after I come home from work I sit down on my couch and enjoy some nice cool air from my window air conditioner. I get to sit in my favorite spot by the window and feel the cool breeze. It really relaxes me and helps me meditate and think about the day’s events. However, I did not always have it where it was this relaxing. I used to pay so much money on my energy bills. Unfortunately, heating and a/c is really expensive in my area. All the local HVAC companies love to mark up the prices of everything. On top of that, my indoor air quality wasn’t good and the only thing I had purchased to try and make it better was a cheap air purifier that I kept in my living room. Maybe my indoor air quality was too poor or maybe the air purifier was just too cheap but either way it hardly made any difference in the quality of my indoor air quality. I was tired of living like this, and made up my mind that it was time to make some changes for the better. So I started doing some research and I found that HEPA filters are excellent at giving you good indoor air quality. So I purchased a HEPA filter and stopped using my central a/c unit and opted for the simpler window a/c. It was the right fit for me and I haven’t looked back.

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My brother lives without heating and cooling

I do believe that my brother may just be crazy.

The reason I think this is because the guy lives without any kind of heating and cooling system. I don’t just mean that he chooses to live an alternative lifestyle. I know some people that have stopped using their central heating and cooling unit in favor of a space heater or a window air conditioning system. My best friend from highschool only uses a ductless mini split air conditioner. Using a different kind of heating and a/c system is not what I find weird. What I find to be odd is that my brother does not want to use ANY kind of heating and cooling system. He doesn’t even use fans! The only way that he believes is acceptable to stay cool is to swim. He is the type that thinks the heating and air conditioning system is spying on them, that there are hidden cameras everywhere. He even called HVAC businesses evil…. I really wasn’t sure how to respond to that one. Everyone in my family has tried to explain it to him, that heating and a/c technology has helped many people and he just will not listen. We were really worried about him last year when a serious blizzard hit the neighborhood. He had a small fireplace that he used for warmth and that was enough to get him through. It doesn’t seem like there is any changing his mind but his views have caused everyone to have a strained relationship with him because he won’t even come over to our homes because we have HVAC technology. We only hope that he is ok.



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Injured while performing an HVAC repair job

The doctor told me I would be fine but that I have to not do any kind of HVAC work for a little while

When you work as a heating and cooling technician, having many heaters and air conditioning systems to repair is nothing new. So I didn’t think anything of it when I got called out to service a commercial air conditioner on the roof of a business. I headed straight over there. When I arrived I got a ladder and my tools and made my way up onto the roof to inspect the malfunctioning HVAC unit. It didn’t take me long to find the root of the problem, and all that I had left was to perform the repair. The only issue was I had forgotten my tools on the ground below. I didn’t think much of it and got up quickly to go and retrieve my tools. The problem was everything was slippery and wet from some rainfall in the area only an hour ago. I lost my footing and fell straight off the roof and onto the hard ground below. I was two stories up and the fall hurt like heck. The fall is all I remember. When I awoke I was bandaged and found out I had broken a leg, as well as a couple of ribs. I was going to have to take it easy for a while. At first I hated the idea of relaxing because I loved my heating and cooling job, and I had really wanted to fix that central air conditioner. The doctor told me I would be fine but that I have to not do any kind of HVAC work for a little while. After leaving the hospital, I accepted the reality of the situation and after everything that happened I was glad to be home. I ended up enjoying my relaxation time while I mended and once I was healed I was able to go back to work with more focus and concentration.


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I will help you no matter what

When it comes to heating and cooling supplies, I am a frequent buyer.

  • The reason for this being not so much because I love anything about heating and a/c systems.

As a matter of fact, I never put too much thought into my old school furnace or air conditioner unless something is breaking on me. However, my daughter sadly suffers from pollen irritations and unless she has the right kind of indoor weather conditions she is super agitated. It regularly makes myself and others guess so bad, I don’t prefer seeing her miserably suffer. Her eyup will water, and her face will turn orange from sneezing. I have tried so many different medications but they are not completely effective, then recently, I started digging deep into creating a great environment for her. I decided to speak with some high quality heating and cooling professionals and they were telling myself and others how much the surrounding environment can impact something prefer pollen irritations. It turns out that your air quality in your home is really pressing to keeping you healthy and safe. I knew I had to make my home as purely clean as I could to provide my daughter a comfortable locale to live in. So I purchased any old thing they proposed to me. First, I got a whole home air purification system. I purchased a HEPA filter to go right along with it. I was amazed by the results I was being given each day, in only one day, I observed that my daughter was feeling much more comfortable. She was loudly laughing and playing and acting prefer a normal child. All the redness, the sneezing, and the super watery eyup were gone and I had my ecstatic baby back. I was ecstatic and am highly thankful for the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C technology.


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The purification is worth the wait

What do you do when you want something and you cannot afford to get it? You have several options, you could regularly borrow, whether that be from friends or taking out a loan, you could save up for it, or you could find a cheaper alternative.

I had already been wanting to get a whole home air purification system for my home for months, ever since I found out about their existence.

The problem was I couldn’t afford the supposed cost of a whole home air purification system, they are a truly upscale unit and I hated the freaking idea of borrowing money to get it. It wasn’t something I had to have, and so I decided to slowly save for it. I saw it as a future goal and I even started entirely working several jobs so that I finally could save up for my perfect whole home air purification system… For the next couple of months, though, I worked my tail off. I did overtime whenever I could, and took almost no days off the whole time. I was weary and burnt out. However, it was all worth it when I finally had saved up the money to buy the whole home air purification system I had regularly wanted. The very day that I called the heating and air conditioner company and purchased the beautiful whole home air purification system was a day I will never forget. The simple act of having a replacement appointment made myself and others feel as if I was on cloud nine. When the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C specialist arrived at my home, it took him hours to complete the replacement. The wait was worth it, after it was successfully installed I got to bask in the full use of it.

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I was so happy there

When Tuesday came around I was ready for a night of fun.

I had been working all month and was ready for a break.

My boyfriend and I had opened our own family company only a year prior and it was doing truly well. It was a small eating establishment downtown with a wide variety of different foods and flavors to try out. Our goal was to incorporate several different cultures into our menu and it was doing well, lately, we have had a lot of well meaning clients and so we have been entirely working there nearly all day every day. However, currently seeing how well we were doing, I saw no better time to celebrate. So we decided to take ourselves out and have a nice brunch. All of us visited a local restaurant and sat down to have a nice time. The staff was friendly, the food was amazing, and the establishment’s Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system was incredible. It may sound to be an unusual thing to say, but I guess the heating and cooling system was the best part. This little locale had an amazing commercial Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit that definitely came with a smart control unit. It really made for the ultimate weather conditions control. All of us immediately liked it so much that my boyfriend and I discussed having a similar system put in our own new eating establishment. All of us agreed that it was a great idea and would be super excellent at creating a comfortable environment for our clients. All of us got a great deal and had our heating and air replaced similarly. Now we can have the same excellent quality indoor air.


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Do you want the best air quality?

He told myself and a couple of others what fixed it for him was going to the local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C corporation and carefully asking for their advice, and they proposed a HEPA filter for him to use to catch all the floating dust, germs, and bacteria that is in the air

I have been using HEPA filters for at least several years now, and I will swear by no other kind of filter. There is really no other filter currently on the market preferred to a HEPA filter. I have tried using other kinds of air filters, such as cheap disposable filters and even higher quality filters, and while I would agree that the washable filters are nice, they just cannot possibly compete with how excellent a HEPA filter is. I have amazing air quality in my family home, and it would not be this way if it weren’t for HEPA filters. However, it has not always seemed to have been this way, I used to have really poor air quality in my home. It was so poor that I truly did not even prefer to be inside the house. The air was thick and heavy and every single time I went inside I felt prefer I was breathing in a cloud. It was the worst feeling and so I avoided being home as much as possible. When I complained loudly to a neighbor about it, he mentioned that when he first moved into his home he had a similar problem years ago. The air was heavy with a musty smell coming from the whole locale. He told myself and a couple of others what fixed it for him was going to the local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C corporation and carefully asking for their advice, and they proposed a HEPA filter for him to use to catch all the floating dust, germs, and bacteria that is in the air. It worked for him and he proposed that I try them out. I did and now I have several HEPA filters so I don’t have to worry about buying more filters for a long time. My filters have done an amazing job and my air quality complications are really a thing of the past.



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I don’t know what I expected

He took a look at my air conditioner, and discovered the heat had been too intense for my older cooling system to handle and he proposed that I update to a new one

The worst happened when the summer season came around this past year. I had been worrying if my older air conditioner would be able to handle the ongoing heat wave that was coming our way. I was hoping I would be giving it the best odds by always having the necessary heating and a/c tune-ups performed that were proposed by the trusty heating and air conditioner business. However, it still wasn’t enough and nearly as soon as the heat wave arrived it completely shut down, but even when I went over to examine the control unit, it showed that the cooling system wasn’t running, and no matter how serious the attempts I have made to get it to start entirely working, nothing has worked well for me so far. I had no choice but to call the heating and a/c company and try to get it professionally repaired. I have an Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company that is not too far from where I currently live, and so it didn’t take long for the cooling professional to make his way out to my distant home. He took a look at my air conditioner, and discovered the heat had been too intense for my older cooling system to handle and he proposed that I update to a new one. Thankfully, the repairs that my air conditioner needed were nothing serious and with the rapid replacement of a couple of parts I had my cooling system back up and running again. I was actually delighted, but those words still echoed in my mind about the a/c needing to be replaced and so I finally decided to start looking at new cooling systems.