I've decided that it's time for me to cut as many costs as I can in my life. I simply want more freedom, especially financial freedom. I'm starting with reducing my energy bill. I pay way too much for energy on a monthly basis to justify it. I'm going to take shorter showers. I'm going to use as little lighting as possible. Probably most effectively, I'm going to severely cut down on my heating and air conditioning usage. The other arguably more important way that I'm going to save money on my two bedroom two bathroom apartment is by taking a roommate on. She'll cut my $1,500 living expenses down to $750, and that's going to be extremely helpful to me. Plus, I couldn't have found a better roommate. She's quiet, kind and clean and love cats just as much as I do, which is good, because I have two cats. Best of all, she's completely unconcerned by my desire to cut my energy bill down by using less heating and air conditioning. She barely uses heating and air conditioning herself. This is going to be a great fit, and I'm entirely willing to give her half of my apartment, as I know she will be a good steward of it. She's also going to help me out in a major way this summer when I leave for the United States. I was going to need someone to look after my two cats while I was gone, and she's more than happy to fill that role.

Cutting HVAC costs and getting a new roommate

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I'm thinking of all sorts of ways to cut costs in my apartment. One of the main ways that I'm going to cut costs is by using my heating and air conditioning system a lot less than I have been. I am trying to get my energy bill as low as possible, because I'm sick of paying such a high energy bill. I think I'll be calling out an HVAC technician to see how efficiently my HVAC system is running. I've decided that I could live with a lot less heating and cooling. However, there is another major and even more important way than I'm going to cut costs. My total cost of living in my two bedroom two bathroom apartment right now is $1,500. I am looking into getting a roommate who works at the same HVAC company as me. Paying only $750 a month, going down from $1,500, will be very nice indeed. On top of this, the person I'm looking at to be my roommate is a very nice person who doesn't ask for much space, and she is very clean. I'll really be needing her help, because I'm headed to the United States for a little while in the summer, and I'll need someone to look after my cats. She's definitely a cat person like I am, so I should be good! The best thing of all is that she's not concerned about the fact that I'm trying to cut my energy bill costs by using my HVAC system less. She hardly ever uses the HVAC system herself, so I couldn't be more lucky!

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I'm particularly glad that she is not interested in lording it over the thermostat, and is quite content with me using little or no climate control. She has fans for the summer and will wear extra layers in the winter. This is surprising, considering the fact that she works from home, and I would expect most people to want to try and manipulate the thermostat to be as comfortable as possible. Then, I found out she actually has a portable air conditioner that she's going to have in her bedroom/ office. That will certainly use less energy than changing the temperature on the thermostat, so I'm entirely okay with it.

How to go about saving money


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Cutting costs

I’m going to try to adjust my spending on my energy bills significantly for the next few months.

  • I feel that I’ve been spending too much money heating and cooling my apartment.

If I’m careful, I think I will be able to get my bill down to $150 a month. My total cost of living in this three bedroom two bathroom apartment of mine is about $1,500. I am looking into getting a roommate who would slash my costs by half. This would be very helpful only having to spend $750 a month. She works at the same HVAC company as I do, and she is a nice, quiet and clean person who doesn’t mind that I’m looking into using less climate control to save money. She’s also a cat person, and I have two cats, so that’s nice.


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No AC and No Heating for the Next Few Months

I am adjusting to the new power bill rates and am going to find ways to use less power each month. The heating and cooling rep told me some ways to cut back and I think it will help a lot. I think if I am really careful I can get my power bills down to about $150 a month without too much hassle. My total bills for this three bedroom two bathroom flat in the city center is about $1400 a month, and with my new flatmate coming to live with me I’ll be down to $700 for my half. I work for the local business near me and make just enough to pay my bills right now so getting a roommate to help out will put me back on easy street. If you have the right roommate it can be really nice and also help with bills. I am going to be heading back to the states in December and really need someone to look after my little cats. I think this new flatmate, who is also in the HVAC industry, is going to be a great fit as she really loves cats and is a clean and quiet person. I have a big enough place where we won’t be in each other’s way much as we both work from home. I have my own air conditioner in my office for the hot summer days so I don’t have to run the central unit and cool down the whole place. She told me she doesn’t mind if it is warm inside so I think we’ll be good.

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Looking for a roommate

I’m not one for drinking too much in general, but I could still appreciate how it puts a spring in the step and a smile on the face.

Yesterday, I was playing beach volleyball when I came across a large group of people who had just attended a wine festival at a winery that is very close to the beach. People were walking down the street and laughing and talking and generally enjoying themselves with cups of wine in their hand. They weren’t rowdy or anything, but there were simply a few more people at the beach than I was used to seeing enjoying themselves. I knew about the wine festival, but I wasn’t interested in attending. I’m more of a beer person anyway, though I don’t even drink that much, as I said. Some of my friends who work at the same HVAC company attended the wine festival. One in particular recognized me as I was playing beach volleyball and came over to say hello. She runs a lot of our online sales at our HVAC company, and she was interested in my offer for a roommate back in my apartment. She was looking for a place to stay, and she said that she was very happy with the rates that I was offering. I had talked with other HVAC employees about wanting a roommate, and she wasn’t a direct part of the conversation, but I suppose word got through to her. I’m more than happy to put her up. She said she wouldn’t even be asking for all that much space. In fact, she would be using her bedroom as both a place to sleep and her office to run our online sales.
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Getting a new roommate

Yesterday afternoon and early evening I was playing a beach volleyball game at my favorite spot at the beach! On this particular day, there was a big wine festival held. A winery very close to the beach was putting on the wine festival. As a result of this wine festival, there were people walking down the street near the beach and on the beach itself, in a particularly happy mood, as you can well expect when the wine flows! People were talking and laughing and joking and having a generally good time with wine cups in their hands. I had been aware of the wine festival beforehand, and some of my friends and fellow employees at the local HVAC company had decided to attend. I saw some of them and we chatted for a bit, but I was more interested in my beach volleyball game. Besides, I’m more of a beer person, though I don’t drink very much in general. Still, I’m glad they had a good time! One of my friends and fellow employees who attended the wine festival talked to me that evening. I put out the word that I was looking for a roommate, and she was interested in taking me up on the offer. I will admit that I’m not close friends with her, but we are on cordial terms. She handles much of our HVAC companies online sales. She said she would like to move in with me and she was very happy with the rates I was offering. She didn’t ask for so much space, and she would be converting her bedroom into an office as well as a place to sleep. I was only too happy to accommodate her!

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Beach volleyball and a wine festival

I decided to go play beach volleyball in the late afternoon last Saturday.

My friends and I ended up playing until sunset and beyond.

A couple of my other friends were attending a wine festival nearby. People are usually quite cheery at the beach, but they were plenty of particularly happy people that evening, because of the wine festival. People were talking and laughing and I heard that my two HVAC employee friends had a great time too! We continued to enjoy our beach volleyball game as we watched the wine enthusiasts mingle. I have to say that I am very grateful that I work at my heating and air conditioning company. I do office work and I write articles for our blog. Speaking of which, I have a potential roommate in the works. She also works at my heating and air conditioning company. She has various tasks, but she also works online quite often. She helps run our online shop, and she helps sell a wide variety of items including our newest smart thermostats. Anyway, she’s interested in being my roommate and she doesn’t need much space at all. She’ll be converting the main room she’ll be occupying into her home office as well as her bedroom. It doesn’t sound like she’ll be coming out very often. She says I’d be really doing her a favor giving her a place to live at the rate that I’m offering, so I’m happy to help a fellow employee!



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There was a wine festival this afternoon

Yesterday evening, me and my friends were playing beach volleyball.

It was a nice, cool evening, and the moon was bright and the stars were coming out as we noticed a large group of people walking nearby.

Apparently, there was a big wine festival that had just wrapped up near the beach. A local wine business had put on the festival, and there were a lot of happy, smiling people walking down the street with glasses of wine talking and laughing and having a good time. I actually had a couple friends who attended the wine festival who were also enjoying themselves. People are typically quite happy at the beach around here, but all the wine made them even more happy! I’m more of a beer guy myself, but I only have a few at any given time, because more than that gives me a headache. I’m working as a heating and air conditioning article writer for a local HVAC business. I’m also looking for a roommate to help me pay the bills at my apartment. It just so happens that someone who works at my heating and air conditioning company was willing to take me up on my offer. She does a lot of online sales for our company. She sells various HVAC-related items including smart thermostats. The main room she will be occupying at my apartment will also be her office, so she won’t be disturbing me very often. I think I’m rather lucky that I found a fellow HVAC employee to be my roommate.



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Big Wine Festival is Wrapping up Today

Last night there were a lot of extra happy people walking along the paseo by the beach as we practiced ball.

They were all drinking wine at this wine festival and people were happier than normal.

There is always a good vibe near the beach as most people are there to have fun and relax, but last night they had the added help of wine to cheer them up even more. The local business which sells wine put on the festival and we saw a lot of people walking around with a wine glass and a big smile on their faces. My heating and cooling rep was there and he was having a fun time laughing with his friends as they sampled different wines. I’m more of a beer guy myself, but I only have two beers maximum as it doesn’t make me feel good the next morning if I have more than that. I am working online today with the HVAC equipment articles and with looking for a potential flatmate online. I think I found a good one who works from home but will be in her room most of the time as it will also be her office. She does online sales for HVAC systems and also sells smart thermostats with her online store. I have my own office in my flat so she won’t bother me at all while she works from home here. This would help a lot with my bills though having another person living with me, and someone in the HVAC industry is even better.

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