Decided to exchange furnaces for the benefit of us all

Way back when my wife moved into our new home, our neighbors came to greet us right away. They were great people and we had some good conversations. It was fun hanging out with everyone especially since our home has a beautiful fireplace that provides perfect ambience to the living room area. Well, we noticed the one day when our neighbors had solar panels installed. I got to talking with them and the guy was saying how it would be nice to have an electric furnace like the one we had in our home. That was funny because I said that we wished we had a nice gas furnace like they had because gas was cheaper than electricity. Of course, if you have solar panels you are making your own electricity so it makes sense to capitalize on that investment with a good electric furnace. Then we both thought maybe it was a good idea to exchange furnaces. I told my neighbor that I would be happy to pay the costs for the labor to have the HVAC professionals swap our systems so we could have the gas furnace hooked up and save on the energy bills. We both would be saving big actually and so we made it happen. The HVAC professional thought this was a unique situation since he was never asked to do something quite like this, but it was perfectly feasible. We made a good move because it benefited both of us and it also made it so we all developed a closer bond as neighbors.

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Business really picked up after my boss had the new commercial HVAC installed

They keep it closed for religious reasons and it grieved him to have to work on Sunday, but he knew he had to get this done for the sake of staying in business

My boss was incredibly stressed when people started complaining about the temperature control settings at the restaurant. We all knew that the HVAC system was old and it was time for him to go for a commercial HVAC upgrade, which is incredibly expensive. I didn’t like seeing him feeling so stressed, but I also didn’t enjoy working in discomfort at the restaurant either, so I searched online to find a commercial HVAC for sale. I was surprised when I found something that was perfect for a good price. I showed my boss and he even couldn’t believe the unbelievable cost for a nice HVAC that would be delivered to his business. He just had to make arrangements for the HVAC professionals to come out for the installation. He said he was fortunate though because his brother was an HVAC professional and he would take care of the work for cheap. So before I knew it, he bought the commercial HVAC for sale and it was delivered to our restaurant. He had his brother install the HVAC on Sunday when the restaurant was closed. They keep it closed for religious reasons and it grieved him to have to work on Sunday, but he knew he had to get this done for the sake of staying in business. He didn’t want to anger any more customers by closing everything down when they were scheduled to be open, and he wanted everybody to be comfortable with a nice HVAC. Well the new HVAC is amazing and everybody is happy now, as business is booming!


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This is what happens when you don’t get regular HVAC maintenance

He was actually surprised that no other professionals noticed that before and he wondered if I was getting my regular HVAC maintenance

I honestly had no idea that I had a major issue with the A/C system before firing it up to test it in the spring season. The air was moving through the system alright, but the air was not very cold at all. I thought maybe if I just waited for a little while, everything would turn out fine. Well, things didn’t turn out alright and I realized that I needed to call an HVAC professional to check everything out. I was due to get the tune-up anyway so I decided to go for that. Well, it turned out upon inspection of the system, one of the refrigerant lines had a serious leak in it. It looked like the pipe actually burst because it was exposed to the elements. The HVAC professional told me to make sure to keep my distance as I didn’t want to inhale any fumes coming from the refrigerant leak. He said that refrigerant poisoning is serious business and this is why only qualified personnel are permitted to acquire refrigerant to charge A/C systems. He was able to clean up the mess and repair the leak by replacing the piping and making sure it was well insulated. He said that was the issue because for some reason that line was not insulated, and he said that was a bad move to make. He was actually surprised that no other professionals noticed that before and he wondered if I was getting my regular HVAC maintenance. I had to be honest, it had been a few years because my finances were always tight. At least I was getting it fixed now.

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My wife and I didn’t agree on the HVAC system to go for

The reason why an HVAC system like this is so costly is because there’s a lot of digging involved for the installation

It was certainly a process when my wife and I were trying to figure out the ideal HVAC system to go for. I thought it would be great to go for a GEO heat pump, but admittedly that was a costly installation. My wife was saying that we should go for something more practical like a dual fuel HVAC system. Both types of systems seemed great, but she was right that the dual fuel HVAC system had us covered for a much lower price. I was concerned though about different complications like carbon monoxide poisoning sometime down the road. She said with regular HVAC maintenance and care, we would certainly have no troubles. I knew the GEO heat pump would be perfect though because there was zero risk of carbon monoxide since there is no combustion involved with this type of HVAC system. It was just difficult to get past the expense. The reason why an HVAC system like this is so costly is because there’s a lot of digging involved for the installation. You have to be able to get that stable heating energy below the surface of the earth and that’s why the geothermal heat pump is able to provide stable heating and cooling no matter what season it happens to be. It’s certainly one of the most green systems there are on the market and I would love to not pollute the environment more than we already do with our cars and other means of transportation. In the end we went for the dual fuel HVAC system because my wife said we needed to use the rest of the money to get a new car.

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I believe that everybody should go for the geothermal HVAC systems

When I was talking to my wife about possibly getting a geothermal heat pump, she thought the investment cost was ridiculous. I explained to her that it would be worth the investment because our energy bills would be extremely low and the geothermal HVAC systems are actually safe for the environment. She said she didn’t care about the environment if it was going to cost us a small fortune and she basically forbade me to go for the geothermal HVAC system. Well, she ended up going to visit her parents and that’s when I reached out to the HVAC company. There was no way she was going to tell me we couldn’t get this amazing HVAC system that would easily last us the rest of our lives. So I had the geothermal HVAC installed and it is such a wonderful HVAC system. The energy bills are so cheap that even my wife has to admit that it wasn’t such a bad idea after all. With these impressive savings, we will be able to recover the investment cost eventually and I’m glad to have such a nice HVAC that I know will take care of us for a long time. She said she was a little bit upset because I didn’t listen to her and did this behind her back, but she was more understanding than I expected she would be. I knew what to expect though and I knew how important this investment was. I knew that this would be the dream HVAC to have and I believe everybody should go for the geothermal HVAC systems.
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I was able to learn more about HVAC maintenance from the books I got from the library

For a long while, I just wanted to be a good homeowner and learn how to save money.

I decided to go to the library to find some literature on how to properly maintain your HVAC system and I thought I might be able to find some energy saving help as well.

I was thankful when I walked in the library and the temperature control settings were perfect. The air quality was enjoyable and I felt like I could spend all day in the library just reading different books about HVAC maintenance. I found a lot of good books and I was there reading for awhile about different maintenance techniques. I learned how I could clean my outdoor A/C condenser unit and how I could also clean the inner workings of my indoor HVAC unit. Also the book on energy saving tips was fantastic and I figured I would study that one later on while relaxing in front of my fireplace at home. The books have been most helpful and one energy saving tip I really appreciated was to use energy efficient light bulbs. For some reason, I had been using the old school ones, but I guess it’s just because I have so many light bulbs stocked up. I never appreciated it when I would need to change a bulb and there wouldn’t be any left, so I bought a ton of them a long time ago. Moving forward, I’m going to use the old light bulbs only in the winter because they help provide heating energy. In the summer, I will use the LED light bulbs.



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Our team has been kicking butt today!

I’ve always been proud of my football team, but I almost killed myself laughing when the team we were playing against easily passed the ball straight to our defense! Our team was able to score another touchdown and that put us at 33 to 14! I was choking like crazy when I saw that play because I was drinking my beer and it all just came flying out when I saw that wild play.

I was happy but I needed a moment to get it back together.

It wasn’t too long later when there was another turnover and we got back and made a field goal to get us to 36 to 14! Now, there have been times when I’ve been disappointed with the plays we have made in the past, but this game was going great. I didn’t see a way for us to lose unless everybody just started playing horribly, but our team has good discipline thanks to our coach who has turned this team around ever since he became the head coach. Fortunately when I was composing myself, I had my phone and I was able to adjust the temperature control settings. I was feeling a little too energetic and enthusiastic and so I really cranked the A/C system. My wife asked what I was thinking when it started to feel like an ice-box in the living room. She took my phone away from me and adjusted the temperature control settings to 71 which I felt was reasonable. I just needed that intense A/C blast for a little while just to cool down, and I had some ice-cold beer to help me out as well!

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I found one of the best homeowner solutions with our new HVAC system

We have no issues these days and we have been saving a lot of money on the energy bills

Upon buying a new home, I realized that we needed numerous homeowner solutions. We needed to do some work on the plumbing, the fireplace needed to be fixed up, and there were other fixes around the house that were needed. The priority though was the HVAC system. The HVAC they had in place was entirely ancient. They had this old cooling system that had to be around 20 years of age, but it was somehow working. Of course it struggled and I knew the energy bills would be costly if we chose to try to use that old cooling system. So I spoke with the people at the local HVAC company and I had a nice HVAC system installed with zone control. The HVAC system that we had installed is highly energy efficient and it’s nice knowing that we are going to have perfect comfort moving forward. So far using the cooling system in the summer has been wonderful. With the HVAC zone control, it’s nice because we have customized temperature control settings all around the house. There was a time in the past when I used to fight with my wife over the temperature control settings, that’s why I thought HVAC zone control would be so perfect. We have no issues these days and we have been saving a lot of money on the energy bills. I love that we don’t have to use the HVAC system to heat and cool the entire space, only those areas that we are regularly using. HVAC zone control is definitely one of the best homeowner solutions!

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I just wanted to have a cooling system with great SEER ratings

Before the hot season this year, I had to look into SEER ratings for a good A/C system.

I didn’t want to break the bank, but I did want to have something that was extremely energy efficient.

I managed to find a ductless mini split on the market that had a SEER rating of 24 which is pretty good, especially considering the price of this system. I was able to acquire the system and had the professionals take care of the installation. My buddies were saying I could have installed the ductless mini split on my own, but I don’t know the first thing about installing an HVAC system. I wouldn’t have known the first place to put all the units and how to connect everything up. Also, drilling through the walls seemed a little too much for me, but these guys made the job look easy. Another reason why I had the professionals take care of everything was because I wanted to have the whole warranty intact. So I had a nice HVAC installed that not only had us covered for the summer months, but for the winter as well. Now we have a bunch of different indoor HVAC units that provide the perfect amount of heating and cooling and the system is extremely energy efficient. The ductless mini split is honestly perfect because we rarely get into the negative temperatures around here and the heating system has us covered down to negative 5 degrees fahrenheit! Even if it does get too cold for the heating system, we have our oil furnace as backup and we won’t have to use it often at all.

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My mother was able to find success with her cooking skills

My mother chose to start up her own catering service.

She was an excellent chef and everybody enjoyed her cooking immensely.

She started off small just catering at small events, but news got out of her wonderful dishes and business started booming for her. In the beginning, she didn’t expect to have certain issues like going to places where the HVAC system was having trouble. She said she didn’t like going to places where the air quality was poor either. There was nothing more upsetting to her than seeing all her food become contaminated because of so much dust floating everywhere and she started a policy for HVAC. She said all establishments where she catered would have to have suitable air quality and have a record of regular HVAC system maintenance. There were a few exceptions she made for outdoor events, she would either make sure the people acquired HVAC rentals or she would take care of that herself for an extra fee. My mother was always serious about her cooking and her temperature control settings. She never liked to be uncomfortable, especially in the kitchen. That’s why she has a powerful ventilation system in her kitchen along with a powerful HVAC system with zone control comfort. I can still hear her now yelling at everybody to get out of the kitchen while she was putting together a mean feast. Everybody always wanted to see our mother especially during the holidays like Thanksgiving. I do believe that is my preferred holiday thanks to my mother’s fabulous cooking. I always knew she would find success with her cooking skills.

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