I broke the air conditioner

There is nothing worse than accidentally breaking something you just purchased.

  • Just last Tuesday, which was only a couple of days ago, I purchased a ductless mini split air conditioning system.

I was so incredibly happy and excited to have this system. I knew I’d been wanting one for a long time but I was wanting to get one at the right time. I had enough money saved up, but I wanted to get one from the right HVAC business as well. There are plenty of heating and cooling businesses in my area but not all of them were good. It took me some time to do a lot of searching to find a heating and air conditioning company that I really enjoy. However, once I found the right company for me I always said no time in going ahead and buying the ductless mini split air conditioning system. I mean why should I wait? I had already been waiting for a long time as it was and I was ready to own it. So the day I brought it home was one of the happiest days I had had in a long time, was ready to start using it, and got it set up that night and used it for the first time in my bedroom. The cool air that it put out was absolutely amazing and I knew that I was going to love this thing. Unfortunately, the day after that I made a pretty big mistake. I was doing some cleaning up and I put the ductless mini split in the window to move it out of the way. It’s not a window AC so it’s not really meant to sit in the window but I figured a few minutes wouldn’t hurt. However, during the time that it was in the window my cat got startled and bumped right into it and knocked it out of the window. My poor ductless mini air conditioning system smashed into pieces. It’s a good thing I got the warranty on it, if it covers it that is.

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I love the smart thermostat

Having a smart thermostat is great.

If you haven’t owned a smart thermostat before that I would highly suggest you get one.

The reason being, if you have been using a regular old bathroom, a smart thermostat is a much more valuable upgrade. Did you know that if you own a smart thermostat you could save money on your heating and cool? Did you also know that your thermostat is also programmable and can run off the Wi-Fi. You can literally control the temperature of your home from anywhere! Isn’t that amazing? Can go back 50 years and show people back then what technology we have today. They would be amazed. So why not take advantage of it if we live in the future? Don’t hesitate to get a smart thermostat because they’re unsure about a few things, they’re unsure about the installation, how difficult it is to install and they’re also unsure about things like price. Well luckily, smart thermostats are actually fairly common and so they’re not terribly expensive, and most smart thermostats can easily be installed yourself and you don’t even need a heating and AC worker to do it for you. Isn’t any good reason not to own a smart thermostat. If you still don’t want a Smart thermostat then you’re just holding on to Old technology. The longer amount of time that passes, the harder it is going to be to switch over. My brother still owns a dial thermostat, it’s an old fashioned kind of guy and he doesn’t need something as complex as when I start the thermostat. Those are his words, not mine.

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I got some great energy saving tips

Today I got some great energy saving tips from the heating and air conditioning business.

I was wanting to know from them how I can save money on my heating and cooling expenses.

Lucky for me my Heating and cooling bills are never that high, but if I could save even more money why wouldn’t I want to? I talked to the HVAC specialist on the phone and informed me that the best thing I could do to save money on my heating and air conditioning bills would be to purchase a smart thermostat. The reason for this is because their smart thermostat allows you to program when you want your heating and air conditioning system to come on and when you want to turn off. You can even control it from your phone because it can run off the Wi-Fi. It’s pretty impressive technology. What the smart thermostat will do is it will learn your patterns, automatically shutting off your heat and air conditioning system when you’re not home and turn it on when you are home. Great way to save money because how many of us are guilty of leaving our heating and AC system on when we’re not even home? I would say most of us. I really like his idea of saving money by using a smart thermostat so much that I decided to look at some smart thermostats that same day.



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The HVAC worker acted strange

I won’t even be paying any attention to him and I’ll find him staring at me without blinking

The heating and cooling worker in my area has been acting really strange. Using the same HVAC company for the last 10 years now, during those 10 years I came to know Bob, he was a great guy and air conditioning worker. He was such a nice guy and he always found a way to get my heating and cooling system up and running in less than a half an hour. He was not only smart and great at what he did, but I considered him a genuine friend and because he had a lot of connections in his heating and air conditioning company he would oftentimes find ways to give me discounts on repair prices. I absolutely loved him. Unfortunately for me, he retired and ever since then this new guy has taken his place. I’m really happy for Bob, he worked hard all his life and so I hope he can sit back and relax and enjoy his retirement. It’s just a shame that the new heating and air conditioning worker just doesn’t seem to have the passion that he did when it came to repairing heat in AC systems. In fact, the new heating and air conditioners are a bit weird. He makes me feel uncomfortable because a lot of times when he comes over he’ll just stare at me for long periods of time. I won’t even be paying any attention to him and I’ll find him staring at me without blinking. He speaks and acts weird as well. I miss my old HVAC technician
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The apartment maintenance is terrible

I called building maintenance and asked them to send someone out and they did

Love my apartment complex that I live in but the maintenance here is terrible. I love the apartment that I live in because it’s everything I could want, it’s not a good area, the price is affordable, and personally I find the buildings to be really pretty. I love living here. It’s stylish and unique, but like with anything, anything that has its pros always has its cons too. While there were a lot of great things about this place, also some glaring problems and one of these problems was that the maintenance here is absolutely terrible. Not only is it hard to get a maintenance person out whenever something breaks, maintenance guy does come out half sometimes it’s still broken! They really don’t know how to fix things around here. The most recent example of this was with my heating system. I cannot go without heat here, I live in a cold climate and having a working heating system is absolutely crucial. I called building maintenance and asked them to send someone out and they did. The guy came over scratched and looked at the unit and said he didn’t know what was wrong with it and then left. He didn’t even attempt to fix it! So I contacted my landlord who then contacted a local heat and AC business and had them come out but then they wanted me to pay for it! At this point, I just wanted to have heat again so my apartment wasn’t freezing and so I agreed to pay for it. As much as I love this place, I wish they did have better maintenance.



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My energy bills cost more than usual

And even though it wasn’t what I wanted to do, the best thing for me to do would be to schedule an appointment with the local heating and cooling business and have them come out and take a look and see if they can find the source of the problem.

In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than when you have to pay more money than what you are expecting to pay. What has been going on with my heating and air conditioning system but I do know that for the last 2 months I have had in my energy will be far higher than what it normally is. As a result of this, I was immediately suspectful that it was my heater or air conditioning system that was the problem. I didn’t know which one was the problem, or if both were the problem but something wasn’t working right or was working inefficiently in order for this to be happening. And even though it wasn’t what I wanted to do, the best thing for me to do would be to schedule an appointment with the local heating and cooling business and have them come out and take a look and see if they can find the source of the problem. Just sad that the heating and AC guys came out and they took a look at my heating and cooling unit and they discovered that my air conditioning system was working very inefficiently. There were many reasons for this, some of it was age-related and part of it was it was clogged. I was advised that I should consider replacing the air conditioning system soon and the clog was removed. Once the clog was removed I haven’t had as many issues with my heating and cooling bills and they’ve dropped closer to normal levels, but I will now have to replace my air conditioning system soon.



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The windows were letting in cool air

Recently I have noticed a spike in my heating and air conditioning bills and I think it is because I have a draft in my house.

I have been looking for the source of this draft but have been unable to find it.

But I know it’s there because I’ll be sitting on my couch watching TV and trying to relax and all the sudden I will feel a blast of cold air. I hate it when this happens because it is incredibly uncomfortable. I finally decided that it was time for me to get to the bottom of it and so I started looking for what would be causing the draft. I Searched my house for quite some time but I soon discovered that the cause of the draft was air that was leaking in from the windows. The windows were not sealed correctly and so there was cold air that was leaking in and throwing off the heating and cooling unit. It made it harder for my HVAC system to reliably heat and cool my home to the temperature at. Thankfully this was an easy fix, because all I had to do is go and reseal the windows and the problem was taken care of. I was really sure the problem was fixed because I did not want to have to continue to worry about having cold air in my house, not only because it was uncomfortable but because it was messing with my heating and air conditioning system. Now this problem has been taken care of so that I do not have to worry about my heating and cooling system having to work harder anymore.


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Why I never go in the basement

I have never liked basements, or attics for that matter.

Unfortunately for me, my furnace is in the basement of my house.

I don’t hardly ever go down to the basement because even though I know there’s nothing down there I still can’t help but to get creepy vibes if I’m going down there alone it’s just so dark, dank, and empty the furnace doesn’t help at all because the furnace will always cast this eerie red glow when it’s running. Don’t get me wrong, I love my furnace, it worked excellently for me for years and I couldn’t survive these cold winters here without it. Eventually I plan to have my furnace replaced as it is getting older but for now it is fine as it is. I’ve had the same furnace about 10 years now and it has been doing great. I still have regular maintenance and tune-ups done to that house as expected with any kind of heating and cooling system but apart from that it works great on keeping the house warm. Where I live, I don’t have a furnace, which is pretty important because it can get really cold here during winter. I do have an air conditioning system but it’s only a window AC because you do not need as much cooling in this climate as heating. Hopefully, the next game system I get I will get to avoid having to go down to the basement. I’m not the only one that feels creeped out by my wife and children too.

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My friends home has a fireplace

I absolutely love my friend’s house so she has this beautiful fireplace that I can never get enough of. I had always wanted a fireplace myself but it seems like I would never get one. I had even went to different heating and air conditioning businesses and looked at the fireplaces they had available but all of them were too expensive for me to afford so I just enjoyed my friends fireplace every time I went over to her house. Every year she did the same thing, she would throw a big Christmas party with all of her friends and family and every year should have that fireplace going. There is nothing more that sets the theme of the year than the fireplace. Everybody, Family and friends will gather around and enjoy the warmth that the fireplace provides. I wish I could have a fireplace just like her house. I have already decided that the next house that I get is going to have to be one that has a fireplace because I just love the warm glow, and the heat that provides. In my opinion, the heat is much better than that of the gas furnace that I used to heat my home. I love my gas furnace, it does a great job but a fireplace is what I really want. Maybe next year the heating and air conditioning business will have a cell and I can pick one up for a cheaper price.


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I tried a heated floor

I was wrong about heated floors.

When I first heard of people having heated flooring in their home I thought it was kind of ridiculous.

Isn’t the heating system in your home enough for you? Why did you want to have or need to have heated floors? It just seemed like a waste of money. That was my opinion on the whole thing and so I took a trip to this relative of mine that we’ve got a state. This relative of mine lives in a much colder area than I did, I didn’t know it at the time but she has radiant heated flooring herself. I went and stayed at her house for a few days to spend time with her and enjoy the visit. During one of those days the temperature outside dropped to freezing, she had the gas furnace running but that just didn’t seem to be enough. Then she told me not to worry about the temperature of the house because it would warm up in a few minutes. She adjusted some settings on what looked to be a smart thermostat, and below my feet the floor started feeling warm. At first I was going to say something, something along the lines of heated flooring was unnecessary, but then I felt that warmth just start spreading from my feet up my legs into the rest of my body. It felt so good I completely forgot what I was going to originally say. It was on that day that I changed my views on radiant heated flooring and if it wasn’t for the fact that I lived in a warm area and didn’t need it I would get some myself if I ever lived in a cold area.

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