After the final exams, we had a choice to head home immediately or stay longer for the annual college holiday celebrations. My friend Zack and I planned on sticking around for the festivities because the school would typically put on a good shindig. I wasn't missing out on this one. The kids from our sister school were coming over that year. The classroom was typically a good experience. It was warm thanks to our heating oil furnace, which made it cozy. Every day the janitors would check if the classrooms were snug and warm enough before we left our dorms, and on this one day, the routine was the same. The head janitor let us think it was okay to head to class. At first, everything was good, but swiftly every one of us started shivering from the sheer cold. Our maths teacher left to find out what was happening with the central oil furnace system. When our Heating and Air Conditioning machine contractor went to check, he couldn't figure out what was wrong. Therefore, the principal had to phone a heating oil furnace repair to come as soon as possible. All this time, every one of us were still in class, wishing we were in the warmer dorms. The dorms were sizzling because they had a central Heating and Air Conditioning system set up. After what seemed like forever, the teacher came back and announced classes were canceled for the day. All of us ran to the warmth of the cooling and heating machine in our dorm room. Zack and I made some hot cocoa and went to kneel at the A/C's vent, taking in all the heat. After a few hours, we were warm enough to be able to move again. I recall telling him I wished the whole college would update to a commercial cooling and heating unit. The outdated oil furnace needed much upgrading, which would be nice, but also too expensive for the school to afford at the time.

The school can’t a new HVAC system

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