Ways to unstick a stuck thermostat

It ensures your HVAC plan runs well without any hiccups

A temperature control controls your HVAC system’s functions by determining the amount of heat produced by the oil furnace, and it can get stuck in the on or off position and affect your HVAC unit’s normal function. When it does, you will need to repair it by first determining the causes for the sticking. A build-up of grease, debris and dirt can cause your temperature control to get stuck. When your temperature control gets stuck in the closed position, your HVAC plan will overheat since there will not be any coolant circulation. To repair this, you should first turn the power to the HVAC plan off. The next step is to detach the cover by following your manufacturer’s instruction. Brush and vacuum the temperature control carefully to detach dust and dirt from the contact point and lever switches. Wipe the 2 metal strips with a soft cloth and use a crisp dollar bill to detach dirt from the crevices. Then slip a 7/32″ wrench onto the hex nut below the bimetal while you hold the temperature adjustment lever in a stationary position. Turn the hex nut clockwise until you open the switch. Then adjust the lever to the lowest temperature setting, replace the cover and wait for the temperature to stabilize before moving the temperature adjustment lever to correspond to the room temperature, but mount the temperature control in a location where the air is consistent with the room temperature. Regularly cleaning your temperature control will help clear grime, dirt and dust. It ensures your HVAC plan runs well without any hiccups. Consult your HVAC specialist to calibrate the temperature control if you cannot do it on your own. If the temperature control continues to fail despite correct cleaning and repair, you should get a replacement from your local HVAC company or get in touch with your HVAC repairman.


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