My mother was able to find success with her cooking skills

My mother chose to start up her own catering service.

She was an excellent chef and everybody enjoyed her cooking immensely.

She started off small just catering at small events, but news got out of her wonderful dishes and business started booming for her. In the beginning, she didn’t expect to have certain issues like going to places where the HVAC system was having trouble. She said she didn’t like going to places where the air quality was poor either. There was nothing more upsetting to her than seeing all her food become contaminated because of so much dust floating everywhere and she started a policy for HVAC. She said all establishments where she catered would have to have suitable air quality and have a record of regular HVAC system maintenance. There were a few exceptions she made for outdoor events, she would either make sure the people acquired HVAC rentals or she would take care of that herself for an extra fee. My mother was always serious about her cooking and her temperature control settings. She never liked to be uncomfortable, especially in the kitchen. That’s why she has a powerful ventilation system in her kitchen along with a powerful HVAC system with zone control comfort. I can still hear her now yelling at everybody to get out of the kitchen while she was putting together a mean feast. Everybody always wanted to see our mother especially during the holidays like Thanksgiving. I do believe that is my preferred holiday thanks to my mother’s fabulous cooking. I always knew she would find success with her cooking skills.

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