I just wanted to have a cooling system with great SEER ratings

Before the hot season this year, I had to look into SEER ratings for a good A/C system.

I didn’t want to break the bank, but I did want to have something that was extremely energy efficient.

I managed to find a ductless mini split on the market that had a SEER rating of 24 which is pretty good, especially considering the price of this system. I was able to acquire the system and had the professionals take care of the installation. My buddies were saying I could have installed the ductless mini split on my own, but I don’t know the first thing about installing an HVAC system. I wouldn’t have known the first place to put all the units and how to connect everything up. Also, drilling through the walls seemed a little too much for me, but these guys made the job look easy. Another reason why I had the professionals take care of everything was because I wanted to have the whole warranty intact. So I had a nice HVAC installed that not only had us covered for the summer months, but for the winter as well. Now we have a bunch of different indoor HVAC units that provide the perfect amount of heating and cooling and the system is extremely energy efficient. The ductless mini split is honestly perfect because we rarely get into the negative temperatures around here and the heating system has us covered down to negative 5 degrees fahrenheit! Even if it does get too cold for the heating system, we have our oil furnace as backup and we won’t have to use it often at all.

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