Our team has been kicking butt today!

I’ve always been proud of my football team, but I almost killed myself laughing when the team we were playing against easily passed the ball straight to our defense! Our team was able to score another touchdown and that put us at 33 to 14! I was choking like crazy when I saw that play because I was drinking my beer and it all just came flying out when I saw that wild play.

I was happy but I needed a moment to get it back together.

It wasn’t too long later when there was another turnover and we got back and made a field goal to get us to 36 to 14! Now, there have been times when I’ve been disappointed with the plays we have made in the past, but this game was going great. I didn’t see a way for us to lose unless everybody just started playing horribly, but our team has good discipline thanks to our coach who has turned this team around ever since he became the head coach. Fortunately when I was composing myself, I had my phone and I was able to adjust the temperature control settings. I was feeling a little too energetic and enthusiastic and so I really cranked the A/C system. My wife asked what I was thinking when it started to feel like an ice-box in the living room. She took my phone away from me and adjusted the temperature control settings to 71 which I felt was reasonable. I just needed that intense A/C blast for a little while just to cool down, and I had some ice-cold beer to help me out as well!

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