Decided to exchange furnaces for the benefit of us all

Way back when my wife moved into our new home, our neighbors came to greet us right away. They were great people and we had some good conversations. It was fun hanging out with everyone especially since our home has a beautiful fireplace that provides perfect ambience to the living room area. Well, we noticed the one day when our neighbors had solar panels installed. I got to talking with them and the guy was saying how it would be nice to have an electric furnace like the one we had in our home. That was funny because I said that we wished we had a nice gas furnace like they had because gas was cheaper than electricity. Of course, if you have solar panels you are making your own electricity so it makes sense to capitalize on that investment with a good electric furnace. Then we both thought maybe it was a good idea to exchange furnaces. I told my neighbor that I would be happy to pay the costs for the labor to have the HVAC professionals swap our systems so we could have the gas furnace hooked up and save on the energy bills. We both would be saving big actually and so we made it happen. The HVAC professional thought this was a unique situation since he was never asked to do something quite like this, but it was perfectly feasible. We made a good move because it benefited both of us and it also made it so we all developed a closer bond as neighbors.

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