Church people work at the HVAC company

I have no idea what is happening, but I feel that our entire church works for the heating and cooling dealer.

This church is a pretty new church, but it has been growing like crazy, but we have managed to buy our own building, and our church has become completely self-supporting, which was an important goal of ours.

The only thing that the church hasn’t done is manage to afford to pay our staff members. We have a lot of staff members, and they each have their own jobs in order to pay their bills! I just joined this church recently, and I began to realize hastily that almost everyone in the church works for the same heating and cooling dealer. There are a lot of jobs in our area, and I feel that some of these people could absolutely find a job in a different field, but they all managed to choose the same locale! Becoming certified as a heating and cooling company isn’t that difficult if you are superb at fixing stuff, and I feel that most of the staff members are! Furthermore, the owner of the heating and cooling company understands what each of these members is doing, so he has made it truly easy for them to work for the heating and cooling company and the church. Apparently, the owner of the heating and cooling company has made some kind of arrangement that is super beneficial. I was recently asked to join the staff of the church, and I jokingly asked if that meant that I had to become a heating and cooling company too, while it isn’t a requirement, it absolutely was funny.

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