The church is completely self supporting

I have no plan what is happening, although I think that my entire church works for the heating plus A/C supplier, this church is a pretty new church, it has been growing enjoy crazy, and we have managed to buy our own building, and our church has become completely self-supporting, which was a large goal of ours.

The only thing that the church hasn’t done is manage to afford to pay our staff members.

We have a lot of staff members, plus they each have their own tasks in order to pay their bills. I just joined this church recently, and I began to realize abruptly that almost everyone in the church works for the same heating and A/C supplier. There are a lot of jobs in our area, and I know that some of these people could truly find a task in a different field, but they all managed to choose the same venue. Becoming certified as an heating and A/C professional isn’t that difficult if you are great at fixing stuff, and I think that most of the staff members are, however furthermore, the owner of the heating and A/C supplier understands what each of these members is doing, so he has made it truly easy for them to task for the heating plus A/C supplier plus the church, however apparently, the owner of the A/C supplier has made some kind of arrangement that is super beneficial. I was recently asked to join the staff of the church, and I jokingly asked if that meant that I had to become a heating plus A/C professional too. While it isn’t a requirement, it genuinely was funny.

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