My friends are confused as to why I want to be a A/C worker

I want to be an HVAC dealer, but I have a long way to go before I will ever become an HVAC dealer, I am still in school, I already know that I want to be an HVAC dealer, many of my friends don’t understand why I want to be an HVAC dealer, now, there are really a lot of reasons why someone might want to be an HVAC dealer.

First of all, HVAC dealers often get all of their training to be certified HVAC dealers for free while genuinely working for an HVAC business.

Many HVAC dealers aren’t required to go to university or pay tens of thousands of dollars for a degree before they can begin genuinely working, which saves them a lot of money in the future. HVAC dealers have a lot of job security, and they can find work somewhere where there are HVAC units, which is pretty much everywhere in this country. HVAC dealers have a fun job that allows them to do something weird or solve a challenge wherever they go, which is pretty cool. However, the reason that I want to be an HVAC worker is that I want to be just like my dad. My dad is an HVAC dealer, and he even owns his own HVAC business. I have been genuinely working on HVAC units with my dad ever since I could hold a flashlight, and now, I am pretty good at fixing HVAC units. I prefer genuinely working on HVAC units, and I would prefer to work with my dad. Now, I just need to graduate!
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