The real estate agent only wanted to show myself and others apartments.

The only reason I was moving was because I got a new position in our business, however i had to transfer out of state, plus I knew no 1.

The supplier I worked for had an apartment secured for myself and others before I moved plus paid the first multiple months of rent.

It was my responsibility to either get a new apartment or buy a home within those multiple months, and once I was in the apartment, I called a real estate agent plus asked her about houses available in that area. I knew I didn’t need a four-dining room home, but I was interested in a multiple-dining room, multiple-bath apartment that was not right in the city. The real estate agent was insistent on showing myself and others apartments. I had enough currency to put a down payment on the house, plus to purchase it outright if it was the home for me. I didn’t want to live in an apartment where I had no privacy, plus the inability to make any swings. I told the real estate agent what kind of home I wanted, however she still insisted on the apartment. Once I got adamant about having a car, plus was okay driving 30 miles a morning both ways, the real estate agent seem to relent! She asked if I was interested in looking at any of the apartments plus I told her no. I wanted a small home that was mine plus I could change things without needing to ask permission. The real estate agent started looking for small houses, however she couldn’t even get that right. I ended up getting rid of that real estate agent plus hiring a real estate agent who would listen to me.

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