Why I never go in the basement

I have never liked basements, or attics for that matter.

Unfortunately for me, my furnace is in the basement of my house.

I don’t hardly ever go down to the basement because even though I know there’s nothing down there I still can’t help but to get creepy vibes if I’m going down there alone it’s just so dark, dank, and empty the furnace doesn’t help at all because the furnace will always cast this eerie red glow when it’s running. Don’t get me wrong, I love my furnace, it worked excellently for me for years and I couldn’t survive these cold winters here without it. Eventually I plan to have my furnace replaced as it is getting older but for now it is fine as it is. I’ve had the same furnace about 10 years now and it has been doing great. I still have regular maintenance and tune-ups done to that house as expected with any kind of heating and cooling system but apart from that it works great on keeping the house warm. Where I live, I don’t have a furnace, which is pretty important because it can get really cold here during winter. I do have an air conditioning system but it’s only a window AC because you do not need as much cooling in this climate as heating. Hopefully, the next game system I get I will get to avoid having to go down to the basement. I’m not the only one that feels creeped out by my wife and children too.

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