The windows were letting in cool air

Recently I have noticed a spike in my heating and air conditioning bills and I think it is because I have a draft in my house.

I have been looking for the source of this draft but have been unable to find it.

But I know it’s there because I’ll be sitting on my couch watching TV and trying to relax and all the sudden I will feel a blast of cold air. I hate it when this happens because it is incredibly uncomfortable. I finally decided that it was time for me to get to the bottom of it and so I started looking for what would be causing the draft. I Searched my house for quite some time but I soon discovered that the cause of the draft was air that was leaking in from the windows. The windows were not sealed correctly and so there was cold air that was leaking in and throwing off the heating and cooling unit. It made it harder for my HVAC system to reliably heat and cool my home to the temperature at. Thankfully this was an easy fix, because all I had to do is go and reseal the windows and the problem was taken care of. I was really sure the problem was fixed because I did not want to have to continue to worry about having cold air in my house, not only because it was uncomfortable but because it was messing with my heating and air conditioning system. Now this problem has been taken care of so that I do not have to worry about my heating and cooling system having to work harder anymore.


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