The apartment maintenance is terrible

I called building maintenance and asked them to send someone out and they did

Love my apartment complex that I live in but the maintenance here is terrible. I love the apartment that I live in because it’s everything I could want, it’s not a good area, the price is affordable, and personally I find the buildings to be really pretty. I love living here. It’s stylish and unique, but like with anything, anything that has its pros always has its cons too. While there were a lot of great things about this place, also some glaring problems and one of these problems was that the maintenance here is absolutely terrible. Not only is it hard to get a maintenance person out whenever something breaks, maintenance guy does come out half sometimes it’s still broken! They really don’t know how to fix things around here. The most recent example of this was with my heating system. I cannot go without heat here, I live in a cold climate and having a working heating system is absolutely crucial. I called building maintenance and asked them to send someone out and they did. The guy came over scratched and looked at the unit and said he didn’t know what was wrong with it and then left. He didn’t even attempt to fix it! So I contacted my landlord who then contacted a local heat and AC business and had them come out but then they wanted me to pay for it! At this point, I just wanted to have heat again so my apartment wasn’t freezing and so I agreed to pay for it. As much as I love this place, I wish they did have better maintenance.



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